firsts series: sounds



Everybody’s go to urethral sex toy.

No, I’m not joking and, yes, I’m crossing my legs right now too.

My first experience. Sean Micheal. My second experience. Sean Michael. My third experience. Well, you get the picture.

My first reaction: As if.

My second reaction: Again?? Maybe it is real. *google search* Well, fuck me.

My third reaction: Yeah, yeah. What. Ever.

A recent read/scene that stands out in my mind was the urethral penis ring worn by the character of Dean in Ally Blue’s Where The Heart Is. At the time I thought to myself there was no way he could wear it for that long without some serious chafing… Apparently I was wrong.

Does it work for me? Yes and no. Yes, cos both receiver and giver seem to get off on it and, no, cos it makes me cringe.

Have I finally reached your threshold for tmi? Or are you a sounds fan? πŸ™‚

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35 Responses to firsts series: sounds

  1. TCBlue says:

    Honestly? I don't necessarily mind reading it but some part of my brain is always going “ow-ow-ow… that's just not right!”

    Which is kind of odd because fisting doesn't bother me in fiction and it would seem like that'd be far more invasive, based upon size alone! LOL

    Maybe I've just become used to the idea of nether-entries being flexible, though. Could be that's why the squick-factor of sounds for me.


  2. Tam says:

    HA! Reached my threshold? Honey you aren't even close.

    As to sounds, first time was Sean Michael's Love in an Elevator. I confess to being ignorant of such things before that ALTHOUGH I had heard medical stories of people “losing” things in their urethra (both boys and girls) like bobby pins, pencils or other similarily shaped objects to I wasn't completely shocked, just didn't realize you could actually buy things specifically for that. Although why that didn't occur to me I have no clue.

    I've read it a few times since, can't think off hand except for Ally's which made me do some googling. It doesn't squick me out, but it doesn't sound all that sexy to me either. And I've no desire to find out from the personal perspective. *crosses legs tightly*

  3. Natasha says:

    Bloody hell…. where do you find these things Kris?
    I don't even want to know let alone feel…. eewwwww and again eewwwww!!!!!!
    sorry but does the word catheta mean anything to anybody…. thats the only thing that comes to mind. I don't care if it's like one or not!!!!!

    just eeewwwww!


  4. JenB says:

    What the FUCK????


    HELL NO.

    Medical instruments as sex toys. No. No. NOOOOOOOOOO.

    I'm so glad I've only read one Sean Michael book and hated it enough to avoid all the rest.

    Seriously. FUCK NO.

  5. Val says:

    Whoa! Ick, ick, ick! I'm with Natasha and JenB on this one.

  6. K. Z. Snow says:

    The result seems pretty damned hot; the method to achieve the result, not so. Like fisting, that's some dangerous play.

  7. Tam says:

    I just realized as I was flicking through channels the other night there was some medical based reality show on. I have no clue what channel, what show, but the Dr. was explaining that he had to deal with a male prisoner who was brought in having shoved something metal up his dick (and I supposed lost it). It was not the first time the guy had been there for the same thing. I didn`t stick around but he was walking over to ask the guy WTF his problem was and why he did it and the guy had a HUGE grin on his face. Not sure he just liked causing trouble or just liked the sensation. Seemed kind of pathological in his case though.

  8. Jenre says:

    Yeah, I read it in Where the Heart is too. My reaction? A bit like yours Kris. At first I was all O_O and then I just went with it cos the character seemed to really enjoy it. It was tame compared the the enema and crisco scene in that book, I tell you.

    I haven't read it since and I can't say I feel like I'm missing out or anything.

  9. Ingrid says:

    It does not do anything for me apart from the fact that it sounds painfull.

  10. wren says:

    This one I DO remember. The Vampire Queen's Servant, by Joey W. Hill. It's not m/m – it's female domme with alpha male sub. She binds him to a St. Andrew's cross, then puts a sound with cock ring jewelry on him and leaves him there for the day. Cause she's the vampire queen. I had to read that section a couple of times till I really understood just what they hey was going on.

    Now…I guess I'm jaded, cause I agree with KZ – hot results, even if the method is a little extreme.

    And now I am really curious about Tam's threshold.

  11. wren says:

    I meant what “the” hey.

  12. let me get this straight, you mean the noise made during sex? All I've ever read is the smacking of wet flesh. woo.

    BTW guess what Amazon is shipping??? Hmmm pirate booty love.

  13. nichem says:

    You'd be surprised at some of the things people will stick in their orifices. O_O

    I'd seen sounds before reading about them in m/m, so I didn't think much about it when I came across it except, “that can't be comfortable.” Some people obviously get a lot of pleasure from it, though. One of Sean Michael's Hammer stories has a lot of sound play.

    From personal experience, when I've had to do urethral swabs on guys to check for STD's, they've said that's pretty uncomfortable. And those swabs are a lot thinner than some of the sounds I've seen. Course, that was in a medical setting, so I'm sure that factored in a lot.

  14. Natasha says:

    I asked my hubby if he'd ever heard of this thingy and he HAS!!! eeewwww I so want a divorce! Then he showed me what one looks like and did you know you can buy them on ebay LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!


  15. Kris says:

    T: “Maybe I've just become used to the idea of nether-entries being flexible, though.” LMAO! I'm loving that maybe.

    I think I have a constant 'owwww' in the back of my mind too whenever I read about this in a book. I can appreciate that there is pleasure involved, but…

    Tam: “HA! Reached my threshold? Honey you aren't even close.”

    I'm not even gonna attempt to rise to the challenge. I think I'd be doing this series forever. LOL.

    I'm now picturing someone walking around the house wondering out loud “now where did I put that bobby pin”. *snort* And that prison story made me giggle.

    Tish: Ha! See! Matt knew about it. It's not like I totally pulled this one out of my arse. *g* I wonder how many people will search ebay for sounds after this. LOL.

    JenB: They'e not just medical instruments, Jen. You can get ones that are specially designed to vibrate too.

  16. Kris says:

    Val: You've never come across it before then, Val?

    KZ: “The result seems pretty damned hot; the method to achieve the result, not so.”

    Yeah. Like fisting, the act seems to be a measure of the trust, etc between the partners and is very intense physically and emotionally.

    Jenre: It's weird but I can't even remember the enema and crisco scene in that book. I wonder if it's because I've read a pretty full on enema/medical play story before so it never really registered with me. *hmmm, must add that to the first list*

    Ingrid: That seems to be a lot of people's response. πŸ™‚

  17. Kris says:

    Wren: “Now…I guess I'm jaded, cause I agree with KZ – hot results, even if the method is a little extreme.”

    Me too. Oh, and I think you and everyone else is curious about Tam's threshold. LOL.

    Katiebabs chook: My sweet innocent redhead. I'll email you a couple of links.

    Richelle: “You'd be surprised at some of the things people will stick in their orifices. O_O”

    I really, REALLY don't want to know. Really.

    “Some people obviously get a lot of pleasure from it, though.”

    That's pretty much my feelings. Whatever works for you, right. πŸ™‚

  18. Chris says:

    My first encounter with it was in Ally's book and that scene was pretty hot. But damn. Ouch.

  19. Kris says:

    So that's yes and no for you too, Chris. The ouch seems to be a given.

  20. Chris says:

    Torquere Press has a sounds Toy Box

  21. Val says:

    “Val: You've never come across it before then, Val?

    This is a total first for me, ha, ha! I'm starting to think I've barely scratched the surface of possibilities in all my m/m reading — for example, I've never even read a Sean Michael book.

    I have to admit that I'm curious and a little awed by Tam's implied threshold. πŸ˜‰

  22. Cecile says:

    W..o..w is all I can simply say! I just toured your place and W..o..w!
    A first for a lot of things for me here… Now I am going to down the bottle of wine I have in front of me and count the ways I am still a virgin, lol!
    Have a great night/day!

  23. Kris says:

    Chris, I've seen that one and wondered whether my O_o fascination extends that far.

    Val: Wow, a Sean Michael virgin. I thought that was an urban myth. LOL.

    Cecile: I've been thinking about adding the tag line to my blog 'must add alcohol'. Isn't alcohol considered by some an essential to any deflowering?? πŸ˜‰

    I'm really looking forward to reading what you think of your first m/m, Cecile. Can't wait in fact. *g*

  24. JenB says:

    STOP. They are medical instruments to me, and they always will be.

    Despite what I've seen at (obviously NSFW)

  25. Chris says:

    *choke sputter laugh* Um, yeah, that's gotta be great for the abs development there, KB!

  26. K. Z. Snow says:

    That site is pretty freakin' HOT.

    I just don't want to read about enemas. (Now watch, she's gonna be contrary and do enemas.)

  27. Kris says:

    Jesus. Give some people an inch… or 7 – 9 as the case may be. πŸ˜‰

    KZ, I dare you too.

  28. Tam says:

    Okay, okay, I have limits.

    Blood play (scary stuff) and hardcore S/M stuff. If you finish having sex and need medical attention or have broken bones that makes you a sick fuck, not sexy.

  29. JenB says:

    I'm with Tam on the bloodplay. Unless it's in a vampire book, of course.

    Specula also freak me out. Only my gynecologist is allowed to spread me apart with metal instruments.

    And yes, that boyzshop site is kinda cool. Most of it, anyway. Some of it's scary. O_O

  30. Kris says:

    Tam, blood play scares me too. I've only read about it once – most of the stuff happened off page – but still…

    Jen, I think we'll just put you down for no medical play whatsoever. LOL.

  31. Not my favourite piece of pleasure stick to read about, but I am not turned off by it..

    First read about them a few years ago on one of those nifty story (I blame them for everything)

    I even went as far as to actually see one inserted… after the holding my shoulders up to my chin and forgetting to breath moment passed… I was traumtise for life….

    I actually thought SM did a great job of reducing the owwwwyyyy moment..

    Every M/m reader should try reading at least one story with this.


  32. Kris says:

    EH, I'm beginning to think that I've really missed out by not having read nifty. LOL.

    I really liked the way SM approached in the twins book with the Dom trying it out first to make sure that he was happy with the toy before he tried it on his boys. That was a great and safe way for introducing it, IMO.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Wow. AJ Lllewellyn is talking sounds this week too.

    The only time I remember seeing my old boyfriend (of 3 years) cry was when he got swabbed in there (medical). That said, a friend of mine in SF is right into sounds.

    Different strokes…

  34. Kris says:

    Anon: Different strokes indeed. πŸ™‚

    “Wow. AJ Lllewellyn is talking sounds this week too.”

    Really? I'll have to check out what he says.

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