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dear author: ‘research’ is not a dirty word

I recently wrote a post about the wonders of researching and of the miraculous invention known as g00gle. I was reminded of this when wondering why something in the book I’d just read didn’t gel for me. Don’t get me … Continue reading

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thoughts on ‘falls chance ranch’ series

Falls Chance Ranch series by Rolf & Ranger Are you worried about your executive?  Is he burned out?  Frazzled?  Less than stellar?  Is he an excellent employee that you don’t want to lose?  If the answer to those questions is … Continue reading

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a wee time out

I have an obsession with Aladdin at the moment. Yeah, I’ve no idea either. It’s a long weekend here so I’m going to take the opportunity to take a wee break and try and get over this pity party I’m … Continue reading

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random funny: the end

You asked for it: Ectoplasmic cum!

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random funny: the shifter edition

Blame KZ and Wren for this interruption of the m/m graphic novel and yaoi appreciation series: They should know by now not to encourage me.

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random funny: the epilogue

For those of you who missed it, yesterday’s post degenerated into various ribald comments made primarily by Jase and Wren associated with my theory that vampire sperm, if made all cartoony facey, would have little fangs on them. This resulted … Continue reading

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encounters with my baby brother: 8

True story: My brother and I tend to go out in sympathy when the other is not feeling well. Remember the insomnia thing?? Anyway, the other morning he rang me bright and early to thank me for sleeping well the … Continue reading

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things that make you go O_o (nsfw)

Question for you: Who here prefers the phrase ‘fucking him raw’ to be metaphorical as opposed to being literal? Cos I gotta tell you that when I recently read it in both a yaoi manga and an m/m romance… well, … Continue reading

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kris is curious

It’s really not that scary this time. Promise. 🙂 I was just wondering… Do you prefer reading m/m romance and erotica with characters who have a top/bottom relationship or do you like a ‘versatile’ (TM Emilie) couple? Or are you … Continue reading

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things that make you go O_o (nsfw)

So, I read this m/m romance the other day – shocker, I know – and was right in the middle of a BJ scene – well, the characters were, not me – when all of a sudden the BJer spat … Continue reading

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