firsts series: fetishes (part 3)

One of the earlier firsts posts also brought up this next topic, which is about medical play and, more specifically, about enema fetish.

Yeah, some of you may have read about bottom boys getting enemas before being fisted, but, believe me, there is no comparison.

I’ve only read one book on this theme and it was *of course* by Sean Michael.

For me, the scenes with this act were extremely intense and I was both strangely fascinated and repulsed by them.

If you’ve read it, I’ll be very interested to know what you thought of it as well as what you think more generally about this fetish.

It’s an interesting one, that’s for sure.

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32 Responses to firsts series: fetishes (part 3)

  1. MsM says:


    wanders off wondering what the hell Kris could possibly come up with next… *shudder*

    MsM <- has never read any book with people crapping in it!

  2. Val says:

    Of course, it was Sean Michael!

    I have to admit I haven't yet read anything about this particular fetish. I am curious if an author could make it sexy. I have my doubts, ha, ha!

  3. Ingrid says:

    It is with crossed fingers that I click on the link to your blog these days Kris.

    Enema's. You sure know how to pick topics. I can't remember reading about it in a SM book. I do recall Special Forces has it. Somewhere at the end. But not as a complete scene, more like a statement that they had one.

  4. Christ on a cracker.

    What's next? Fun with the Travelocity gnome fetish?

  5. Chris says:

    Um, must've missed that particular Sean Michael (and any other references elsewhere). Truly, you are our Goddess of Fetish, Kris!

  6. Anesthezea says:

    It seems I manage to skip all these fetish-y Sean Michael books. The two I've read so far have been quite sweet – nothing really kinky in them at all. Lots of schmoop, but no poop (I know, I'm terrible).

    I've come across enemas in fanfiction (everything happens in fanfiction! hehe) though.

    The Sentinel: enemas, mpreg, male lactation

    Starsky & Hutch: cock-docking, alien anal probes, fisting, rope play, wax play, sensory deprivation, spanking, flogging, whipping, women's underwear – you name it, these boys did it in a fanfic.

    The Professionals: water sports, and one instance of anal sex after one partner had eaten a large meal of spicy food. He needed an itch scratched, apparently. πŸ™‚

    I could go on and on…but I think I'll just leave it there.

  7. Anesthezea says:

    While I have come across enemas in fanfic, I would like to note that I have not come across scat or the infamous “Cleveland Steamer”, thank goodness!

    Ok, I'll shut up now with all the nasty talk. /runs back under her rock

  8. Tam says:

    Holy shit KB, you sent me into a coughing fit. That hurt.

    The only time I read it was in Ally Blue's book who's name always escapes me the Crisco fisting one. (Where else?) and while it was pretty intimate, it was done more as a hygiene thing, not fetish. More like “Well, we have o do this so we'll do it together but we're more interested in what's to follow.” That works for me.

    I think in Gemini it is referred to but they just say “they had a shower and got clean and went to the bedroom and he stayed in the bathroom and got really clean.” I'm pretty sure he wasn't washing his hair. Again before a fisting scene. The Gemini scene works for me, a reference or vague reference to what happened and that's good. I have no interest in reading about someone who gets turned on by the act itself.

  9. You have a way with…well, “words” isn't exactly correct. “Ideas” maybe? General nutsiness? I find it oddly exhilarating.

    I read that SM book and found myself as you described – fascinated and repulsed. As I recall, I was intrigued by the complete giving up of control on the part of the enema-ee. And the clinical detachment of the enema-er, whose focus was on the man not the, um, product.

    I haven't read anything else that concentrated on that fetish, except maybe a couple of Nifty stories I've scrolled through.

    And I can't believe I just opined on this subject. You bring out the perv in me, Kris.

  10. Kris says:

    MsM: Hey, don't blame me for coming up with this stuff. I'm just passing on the info is all.

    Val: Yep. πŸ™‚ I think this was probably one of the most intense SM's I've read besides the Hammer series. I'm not sure it was sexy or not, but the sub and dom relationship was very powerful.

    Ingrid: LOL. I'm not sure there's a heck of a lot else to post about, Ingrid. Well, stuff I've actually read anyway.

    Katiebabs chook: You know that Tam's gonna google that right to see if there is such a thing. πŸ˜‰

  11. Kris says:

    Chris: “Truly, you are our Goddess of Fetish, Kris!”

    Dear God, I hope not, Chris. More like Unrepentant Goddess of Posting TMI Stuff & Other Random Crap. LOL.

    Anesthezea: Sweet Sean Michael's?? I didn't know such a thing existed. πŸ˜‰

    “one instance of anal sex after one partner had eaten a large meal of spicy food. He needed an itch scratched, apparently. :)”

    You're right. You are terrible. ROFL!

    And OMFG!! I've never heard of the cleveland steamer before and, of course, had to look it up on urban dictionary.

    I now have a little throw up in my mouth.

  12. Tam says:

    Oh I've seen the point on that elf's hat. I'm pretty sure it exists already. If there's traffic cone porn (and I know people who've seen it) then there is Travelocity elf porn.

  13. Traffic cone porn?? LOL.

    well, we know some have tree sex fetishes… next in the first series. Me, my oak and the sap that keeps us together.

  14. Kris says:

    Tam: Yeah, enema, err, doings mostly happen off page and a lot of people obviously agree that they much prefer it this way.

    I've seen pictures of traffic cone porn. I'm not sure where now. Maybe there's a firsts topic in the weirdest things you've read that have been used as a dildo. LOL.

    Wren: “You bring out the perv in me, Kris.”

    Hun, you write m/m. You needed no help. Believe me. πŸ™‚

    “As I recall, I was intrigued by the complete giving up of control on the part of the enema-ee. And the clinical detachment of the enema-er, whose focus was on the man not the, um, product.”

    Yes. I actually found it quite compelling and powerful, despite my squickiness in the act itself. I think it's probably the best story I've read in the Velvet Glove series.

    Katiebabs chook: I still maintain that tree bark would be too ouchy for those sensitive places.

  15. Anesthezea says:

    Kris: “Sweet Sean Michael's?? I didn't know such a thing existed.”

    “The Broken Road” & “Unlikely Hero” – These are the only SM's I've read so far.

    “And OMFG!! I've never heard of the cleveland steamer before and, of course, had to look it up on urban dictionary. I now have a little throw up in my mouth.”

    You probably don't wanna know what an Alabama Hotpocket is, then. πŸ™‚

  16. Okay, yes, I write m/m, but it's just one book and really quite vanilla. Nothing like the encyclopedic array of flavors you give us here. So I stand by what I said. Nyah.

  17. Kris says:

    Anesthezea: “You probably don't wanna know what an Alabama Hotpocket is, then. :-)”
    God dammit.

    *off to urban dictionary*

    Wren: I'll take it as a compliment then and add it to my list of 'how to influence people'… 'in pervy and smutty ways'. πŸ˜‰

  18. Tam says:

    Anesthezea: “You probably don't wanna know what an Alabama Hotpocket is, then. :-)”

    Ummm. So how many weeks worth of antibiotics do you need after that? I think it's an urban legend. And you're not going to convince me otherwise. LOL

    I'm sure people make up shit on that site. Umm. Stuff.

  19. nichem says:


    The only enema I remember from any m/m story was in Deviations. But that was just to get cleaned out. If I read that Sean Michael (and I've read most of his, so I probably did), I've blocked it out.

  20. Anesthezea says:

    Kris & Tam: Haha! Made ya look! πŸ™‚

    I agree, though. I think a lot of that stuff is just made up. I really don't wanna think about someone actually doing some of that stuff. /gags

    I can deal with some pretty kinky stuff sometimes, but even I have to draw the line somewhere.

  21. Egads, Kris! You've opened my eyes to more things than I think I ever wanted to know. I now look at some of my friends a bit differently. lol

    Enemas…*icky shiver* Yeah, thanks, but no thanks. *speechless*

  22. K. Z. Snow says:

    I can't bring myself to discuss, much less read about, a childhood trauma that left me with PTSD.

    So…on to toenail clippings, mustache snot, and earwax.

  23. JenB says:


    Ugh. No.


  24. Lily says:

    I've read about this in one of SM's Jarheads book and also in a Velvet Glove book. Mychael Black wrote a book on medical fetish that I think includes this as well.

    I don't think it's sexy at all. Although SM tries to write it as both a needed cleaning for a fisting and as a fetish it's just plain yuk!!

  25. Kris says:

    Tam: “I'm sure people make up shit on that site.”

    That must be why I love it so. *g*

    Richelle: Given your profession, I thought it would take a lot to squick you. I guessed wrong. πŸ˜‰

    Anesthezea: Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up. My legs are still crossed in sympathy.

    Bridget: “I now look at some of my friends a bit differently.”

    Evil plan is working. *hehehe*

  26. Kris says:

    KZ, the Wordsmith Lady: *snort* Funny.

    JenB: Gee, what's happened to you the last few days? Who knew you could be so lost for words. *kiss, kiss*

    Lily: Yeah, I'm not sure it's sexy at all.

    My mixed feelings – fascination/repulsion – were one of the reasons why I was able to get through the Sean Michael in the first place as well as the depth of the feeling he was able to convey between the protags.

  27. Jenre says:

    I've read it in 'Where the Heart Is' by Ally Blue. I didn't find it particularly sexy and wondered why this couldn't have been done 'off page'. I suppose it was there to show that the hero doing the fisting was taking good care of the fistee.

    It was also alluded to several times in a book I read by AM Riley, in that the dom top told the sub bottom to have a shower and clean himself inside and out which I assumed that he had to (do?) (perform?) an enema on himself. It was all done off page though and fitted in nicely with the sub 'preparing' himself for his lover which I quite liked.

  28. orannia says:

    I read about it once in fanfiction…I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

    And each time I visit Kris I'm in awe about where you mind has gone πŸ™‚

  29. Seriously now, how is fisting possible with two men? It can't be done.

  30. jitterbug says:

    I read the SM's book in question and I tried, but ultimately failed, to like it. I just couldn't picture the doctor in the role of one of the “heroes”. He was so creepy IMO, chuckling crazily to himself all the time, his description wasn't appealing and really, I just couldn't understand what's sexy in an enema ;).

    SM's book are very in/formative, don't you think? πŸ˜‰

  31. Kris says:

    Jenre: I'll add you to the list of 'enemas should only happen off page'. Seems to be the prevailing view. πŸ™‚

    Orannia: *blushes* Thank you.

    Katiebabs chook: My Bearded Baby Brother had the same reaction yesterday when he finally realised that I wasn't talking about fisting in m/f romance. I offered to send him photos, but he declined. You interested??

    Sara: “SM's book are very in/formative, don't you think? ;)”

    Maybe, just a little. πŸ™‚ I must admit that I also found the doctor creepy at times, but had a major change of heart by his caring of his sub after XXXX happened.

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