my confession

It is true. I have become a disgusting sap.

I kid you not (again).

LB, Emilie, Chris, JenB, Katiebabs chook and the Island Kitteh all bear witness to the ridiculous lengths I will consider, nay, go to, in an attempt to fulfill my latest obsession.

First, it was Deniz and Roman from Alles Was Zahlt.

Click on pic for the glory that is the shower scene. The aftermath… not so good. 😦

Then, it was the oh, so cute Luke and Noah from As the World Turns, although their recent storylines suck big, fat, hairy donkey ballz! *Maybe if you hadn’t screwed this up, CBS, you would still have a damned show on your hands!* *poutmope*

Click on pic for their first kiss, which apparently rocked the US in 2007 as the first gay kiss on daytime tellie.

And now…

Well, now it’s Kyle and Oliver from One Life to Live. *sigh*

Yes, Deniz and Roman are completely friggin’ awesome and the portrayal of their relationship sheer bliss, but Kyle and Oliver have their own song!


Their own song!!!!

*double sigh*

Perhaps I did hound certain US bloggy friends until one of them bought me the single from US iTunes and sent it to me – I luff my KBC! – , but, let me ask you this, is there anything really wrong with that?!?! *NO!*

I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Here’s a fan vid put together by itsjustlove1 featuring both song and Kish kisses, including their first love scene:

I have goose pimples. 🙂

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Reads, rants, randoms & R+s. You've been warned. BTW, don't follow me if you're a GLBTQQphobic wanker. It won't end well. For you.
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56 Responses to my confession

  1. orannia says:

    Kris, you should do a first series in hot man loving in tv and movies and post the clips here so we can all swoon.

    Oh, I like that idea 🙂

    *off to watch the clip again*

  2. Kris says:

    Orannia: “Oh, I like that idea :)”

    *snort* I bet.

  3. Nastassia says:

    I love soaps , I'm currently watching Christian and Ollie and Naoh and Luke on Youtube. Although I'm more into Ollian. I ws watching Kish but now Ollian has most of my attention.

  4. Kris says:

    Nastassia, I so need to start watching the Christian and Ollie storyline. I'm feeling left out.

    Do you watch through a particular fan's youtube channel?

  5. lisabea says:

    Mandi-I didn't watch soaps either.

    ::shakes fist at Emilie::

  6. Kris says:

    Ha! Look who's talking, Pot. ::shakes fist at Lisabea::

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