couples that make you go ‘ungh’

Katiebabs chook found this one. My little grasshopper is all growed up to be a perve. *sniffle*

Remember how I got bored and made up some random shit there was a competition for the hero that made you go ‘ungh’* (*for a definition go here) and the Steamy McSteamiest of Heroes, Nate ‘the PA’ Hawkins won??

Well, at the time there was some whinging because ‘but it’s usually the heat between the two main characters that we like the most’. Blah, blah, bitch, moan.

Anyways, I promised I would do another vote for the unghiest m/m couple so now it’s your turn to nominate your faves – ONLY ONE COUPLE PER COMMENTOR OR I WILL START HITTING PEOPLE. I KID YOU NOT. – as well as their story.

Nominations will close at 5pm Wednesday my time and then I’ll do the votey widget thing again.

For something a little different, why don’t you also tell us the scene that most floats your boat with your guys in it.

Let’s see how much heat we can generate. 😉

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33 Responses to couples that make you go ‘ungh’

  1. Jenre says:

    I am soooooo tempted to do a list, just to piss you off Kris. Really I am.

    I have loads of couples which I think work together or who I love reading about… but if we're talking ungh here, it has to be Johnny and Tyler from Heaven, especially the part where Johnny seduces Tyler on the sofa.

    Do you want me to find it and quote bits of it for you?

  2. Tam says:

    Oh yes Jen, please give us quotes.

    Hmmm. Such a hard decision. Crap. I think I'll go with Jake and Remy from JL Langley's With Caution. Those guys are HOT!

    Amazing word veri: whoar – Am not!!!

  3. Jenre says:

    Hmmm, just been to look at the scene again and it's all completely X rated.

    He's the first kiss which isn't X rated but still has the ungh factor:

    He barely finished the word before Johnnie ceased his ability to talk by sealing their lips together. Tyler's mouth was already open to the tongue that plunged within. Johnnie tasted of Jack Daniels and something else that Tyler found strangely delicious. So much so that his own tongue twined with Johnnie's just to savor the taste. This was entirely unlike kissing a woman. No woman in his limited experience had ever been this aggressive, or this overpowering. He tried to push Johnnie away, with little effect. Or was he really pushing? The fingers he had curled around Johnnie's shoulders might just have been hanging on for dear life as the world tipped on its axis.

    Johnnie dropped the rest of his weight atop Tyler. One arm slid up under Tyler's back to tangle in his hair, to tilt his head for a better angle and a firmer kiss. Tyler was completely unable to think with those lips locked on his.  

    He was hardly aware of anything until he figured out that Johnnie had stopped kissing him. When had his eyes closed? He had to open them to see Johnnie's warm smirk from inches above his nose.  

    “That was nice,” the vision purred, leaning back in.

    Fabulous stuff.

  4. Love that picture. :)*lick*

    unghiest m/m couple? Nate and Adrian from My Fair Captain.

    Can I say Blay and Qhuinn as a possible future one?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I will stick with Jake and Remy this time too. Best scene was the first time Remi gave Jake a BJ…
    It was super HOT!

  6. Tam says:

    Here's a bit of a sweet moment (in the heat of passion) with Jake and Remi. It's from their first more serious D/s encounter.

    Quickly, Jake straddled his back and got hold of the other cuff from under the bed. He captured Remi’s other wrist and buckled it as well. Grabbing Remi’s shirt, Jake ripped it off and slid down Remi’s body.

    He spotted the tanned back with its crisscross of scars that had bled and likely been infected wounds at one time, and his legs almost gave out. It felt like someone punched him. His erection even flagged a little. Closing his eyes, he tried to calm down. He’d forgotten all about the scars.

    Snapping his eyes open, Jake watched Remi try to see over his shoulder. Was he blushing?

    “Ugly, huh?” Remi dropped his gaze, not meeting Jake’s eyes.

    He couldn’t let Remi think the scars bothered him. And they didn’t for the reason Remi thought. But they did support his fear about doing this. “No. Nothing about you is ugly.”

  7. Ingrid says:

    Jen, that was my thought too! why only one??

  8. Can we do Menage's …

    Nate, Rio and Ryan from Carol Lynne's – Cattle Valley series..


    Word Veri


  9. Ingrid says:

    It is a toss up between Nate & Adrian and David & Trace (The one that got away.

    Dave & Trace. That whole book is one big foreplay scene. I love it.

  10. Chris says:

    Nicky & Brandon from Cheating Chance!

    Hmm. Veri word is bussact – something to do with Clare London's short for Kris?

  11. Kris says:

    Jen: “I am soooooo tempted to do a list, just to piss you off Kris. Really I am.”

    Like that's a surprise. Johnny and Tyler are definitely ungh together… and now I have this urgent need to read there story for the gazillionth time. That's a terrific scene. I love everything about Johnnie's seduction of Tyler. It's super hot.

    Tam: Jake and Remy! Verra nice. And that is a lovely moment between the two guys. Thanks Tam. 🙂

    Katiebabs chook: It's a great pic. I'm just reading their story in another window right now. *g*

    Nate and Aiden for you. You got a thing for piercings, KBC? 😉

  12. Kris says:

    Suzi: And another vote for Remi and Jake. I LOVE the bj scene too. I think I've said before that I adore the way the author is able to convey how Remi loses himself in the act. Gorgeous stuff.

    Ingrid: “why only one??” Because I said so!!!

    “Dave & Trace. That whole book is one big foreplay scene. I love it.”

    Me too. I can't tell you how many times I've reread this book.

    You know I think what I love the most about these types of posts is that it reminds you of faves and makes you want reread them again. 🙂

    EH: Who can refuse such a mix of cut men with tatts and piercings? Nom!

    Chris: I knew someone would be nominating these two. LOL.

    “Veri word is bussact – something to do with Clare London's short for Kris?”

    Or maybe something you do in a bus?? 😉

  13. Emilie says:

    How about James and Bram from A Bit of Rough and Roughhousing? Pretty hot.

    Other couples who would be on my list include Simon and Payton from The Englor Affair for another J.L. Langley pair. I like Vic and Matt from J.M. Snyder's Powers of Love series as well.

  14. Piercings and damp beards 😉

  15. jitterbug says:

    Remi and Jake are very very hot, but my vote goes to Aaron and Joey from Collision Course! They're explosive together…

    (I'll find a funny veri word sooner or later…)

  16. Kris says:

    Emilie! Of all people I thought you'd be able to count. Grrrr. 😉

    Word on James and Bram. They steamed the pages. *ignores other two couples*

    Katiebabs chook: Oh, yeah. *g*

    Sara: The joys of the ambulance scene! Friggin' delicious.

  17. Emilie says:

    No, Kris. I'm good with English, but notoriously bad with math. I said “would be on my list” as in, if I was allowed to make a list. At some point I'll make a list on my LJ. That's where I rant about the things I read and edit, and lately where I've been rambling on about soap operas.

  18. Kris says:

    Emilie, I like the way you used the word 'allowed'. 😉

    I've been meaning to ask you where your LJ is at so that I can go and have a looky loo at it… if that's okay with you that is. 🙂

  19. Uhm, what's ungh exactly? Anything more than hot? 🙂

  20. Chris says:

    @Janna: “Ungh” (and related variants like “unngh”) seems to be used in m/m romance during sex and indicates that the person uttering the “ungh” is pretty much losing his mind and capacity for speech due to pleasure. I believe Kris is using it here to indicate the high level of pleasure we receive from reading about certain hot couples.

  21. Thanks Chris 🙂
    I just finished an M/M/M that had a pretty ungh threesome: Kasey, Warren and Mitch (Snowed In, Urban & Aile) but I'm not sure if they are the unghiest I can think of. I'll have to come back on that, if I'm 'allowed' 😉

  22. Kris says:

    Janna, I did come up with a definition of ungh at the bottom of this post:

    You are 'allowed'… if you get it in by tomorrow's deadline. 😉

    I just reread 'Snowed In' last night. I agree that those boys are steamy together. That's one story where I'd definitely read a follow up to.

  23. Both hands down Adrien (with an e) and Jake from Josh Lanyon English series a close close second is JL Langley My Fair Captain cause of the whole man vs boy thingy. S' hot and I think you know why *cough piercing cough cough* Sorry hairball stuck in my throat.

    PS. Even though I haven't read Black Wade (cries s' all sold out) I'm thinking from the Google images that man couple is also pretty hot.

  24. Ingrid says:

    The Emerald city aka Bookdepository will solve your problem!

  25. Kris says:

    KC: You mentioned that rat bastard's name on my blog! HOW DARE YOU!!

    The PA I will accept, but the other… GRRRRRR!

    PS – Ingrid's right. The Emerald City has copies of Black Wade available and no shipping fees! It is Teh Awesome.

  26. Jambrea says:

    I think my computer went wonky last night. lol I had one put in, but it isn't here. So, My couple that makes me go ungh is Tor and Jake from Bareback. Man…that first kiss scene. YUM!

  27. Tam says:

    Black Wade? No shipping. Arrgghhh!

  28. Ingrid says:

    *shock* Tam you do not know the Emerald city???

  29. Kris says:

    Jambrea: Nice choice. 🙂 Even though Tor completely broke my heart later on. *sigh*

    Tam: Ditto to what Ingrid said. Where the hell have you been that you don't know about the Emerald City?

  30. You know, Kasey, Warren and Mitch keep blocking any other couples from my mind, so can I stick with them? Especially the first scene with Kasey and Mitch was very ungh!

    Yep, a follow-up would be one I want to read too. Immediately 🙂

  31. Kris says:

    Janna: Kasey, Mitch and Warren for the ungh it is!

  32. orannia says:

    Can I say Blay and Qhuinn as a possible future one?

    I'm so hanging out for their story!!!!

    Chris – thank you for defining. I was having a brain drain moment 🙂

    Ahhh, if asking this question isn't going to ban for me life (I'd go into decline BTW) what is Emerald City?

    Couples, couples… *thinks* Adrien & Jake!

  33. Kris says:


    Orannia, the Emerald City? It's where you go to get all your dreams fulfilled such as cheaper book prices and no mailing fees:

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