best of teen flicks

Yesterday’s post sparked a couple of us recalling our favourite movies from when we were growing up, including those who did so in the awesome age of teen flicks that was the 1980s.

I already mentioned that Sixteen Candles was definitely high up on my list as was The Breakfast Club, Weird Science and, naturally, Footloose.

However, there were – and still are – three movies which hands down beat all by the sheer number of times I watched them.

So, without further ado, my teen year’s ‘best of’ flicks:

To this day, I can still quote entire sections of these movies when I watch them. 🙂

Now, what about you? What were your fave films as a teen?

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53 Responses to best of teen flicks

  1. Chris says:

    Valley Girl (hello, alternative music!)
    Pump Up the Volume (my first introduction to Leonard Cohen!!)
    Better Off Dead
    The Breakfast Club

  2. Jenre says:

    I've not seen Pump up the Volume!

    My best teen films:
    The Lost Boys
    The Breakfast Club
    The Goonies
    Pretty in Pink
    Dirty Dancing (does this count? Wasn't Baby technically still a teen?)

  3. Footloose is one I liked as well … Loved Lori Singer..

    But due to my son's addition to all things Grease – thats the one I have watch the most…

    Pretty in Pink – I liked as well…


  4. Chris says:

    Oh! The Lost Boys! (that introduced me to The Call)

    Hmm. I'm noticing a theme here with music and movies…

    Some Kind of Wonderful was good, too.

  5. Oh Goonies how I heart thee. Some of my classics tend to be in the 90's more than the 80's.

    My So Called Life (TV Show)
    Reality Bites

  6. Tam says:

    Oh yeah, Grease was my movie.

    Dirty Dancing with Jen. Footloose too. I wasn't big into movies in the day.

    I do think Christian Slater is a hottie. Apparently he's going to be filming a movie here from March 28 – April 21 with Cuba Gooding Jr. Not that I'll likely see him, but we'll be breathing the same air.

  7. @Tam

    Not that I'll likely see him, but we'll be breathing the same air

    you are so easy…

  8. Chris says:

    Tam: He was filming Untamed Heart almost on the U of MN campus while I was going there and I kept hoping…

  9. Lily says:

    I LOVED Grease!!!!

    The Goonies and The Lost Boys were also good.

    I'll confess now and say I've never seen Sixteen Candles or Pretty In Pink and I didn't really like The Breakfast Club. Sorry 🙂

    I also liked…

    Animal House
    Love Story
    Saturday Night Fever
    Lords of Flatbush

  10. Jenre says:

    Christian Slater was one of my teen crushes too.

    And Judd Nelson
    And River Pheonix
    And Corey Feldman (just don't ask about that one, lol)

    I even had a teen crush which has lasted my entire adult life on Johnny Depp.

  11. Jaws
    Star Wars
    The Towering Inferno
    The Sting
    Soylent Green
    Heaven Can Wait
    The Muppet Movie

  12. K. Z. Snow says:

    My teens? Surely you jest.

  13. C'mon, KZ, you can do it. Surely they had movies back then?

  14. Patti says:

    Definately The Goonies
    Valley Girl
    War Games
    Pretty in Pink
    Lost Boys
    Karate Kid
    The Outsiders
    Weird Science
    *whispers* Breakin'

  15. Outsiders was the best!
    Lost Boys
    Karate Kid
    Better Off Dead
    Night of the Comet(Very cheesy, but I did like it when I was too young to know better)
    *hides face in shame* Breakin' One and Two (I think they were teens)

    I used to dance and still love to watch it,hence all the dance themed movies.

  16. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Lost Boys
    The Neverending Story
    Princess Bride
    The Last Unicorn
    Dirty Dancing

  17. Mariana says:

    John Hughes films, all of them
    The Goonies
    Kung Fu movies with the Shaolin Brothers
    The Karate Kid
    Back to the Future
    Say Anything
    Stand By Me

    Oh, and I LOVED River Phoenix… had the biggest crush on him 🙂

  18. Jenre says:

    Ooh, I forgot about The Karate Kid! Why on earth did I think that Ralph Macchio was hot? Oh the disturbing urges of the teenage girl's mind :).

  19. MsM says:

    Great picks.
    I actually liked Grease 2 better than the first one.
    My brother got me to watch Pump Up the Volume in the early 90's and I loved it.
    Goonies my family and I went to see in the theater about four times – great movie fun!
    My 80's movies are “The Breakfast Club”, “St. Elmos Fire” and “Footloose” – love those.
    Another teenflick I really love to rewatch is from the 90's “10 Things I Hate About You” starring Heath Ledger.



  20. oh yeah, I forgot Back to the Future!

  21. Tam says:

    Ohhh. Fame. I forgot that. I adored that movie/tv show.

    Jen: We saw the preview for the new Karate kid when we went to see Alice in Wonderland. Jackei Chan is no Pat Morita.

  22. Sweet says:

    My favorites have got to be:

    16 Candles
    Dirty Dancing
    The Lost Boys
    National Lampoon's Summer Vacation
    Nightmare On Elm St.

    Whenever these come on I've got to watch.

  23. Chris says:

    Heathers – how could I forget Heathers?!

  24. Kris says:

    Chris: Pump up the Volume was my first introduction to Leonard Cohen too. LOL.

    “I'm noticing a theme here with music and movies…”

    You're only just noticing this now?? 😉 Did you like Empire Records? That was a fun one with a great soundtrack.

    Jen: Dirty Dancing definitely counts, Jen. 🙂 I'd forgotten about The Lost Boys! Did you see that Melissa said Corey Haims passed away yesterday? That is very sad.

    “Why on earth did I think that Ralph Macchio was hot? Oh the disturbing urges of the teenage girl's mind :).”

    Very true.

    EH: I made up a dance to Footloose and taught it to all my friends. From then on whenever it came on there would be a line of use doing this dance. LOL.

  25. Jenre says:

    I did see that Corey Haim had died. My sister had a huge crush on him as a teen. It's very sad news.

  26. Kris says:

    KC: Goonies is the best. I still want to be a Goonie. 🙂

    Reality Bites is one of my fave movies from when I was in my 20s. I've got the soundtrack too.

    Tam: “I do think Christian Slater is a hottie.”

    Oh, yeah. Pump up the Volume, Heathers and True Romance are his best movies, I reckon.

    Lily: “I'll confess now and say I've never seen Sixteen Candles or Pretty In Pink and I didn't really like The Breakfast Club. Sorry :)”

    We still like you. I think. 😉

    I've never heard of the Lords of Flatbush before and look who's in it. Wow.

    Animal House reminded me of another movie… does anyone remember Revenge of the Nerds? The was such cheesy, sleazy fun.

  27. Kris says:

    Wren: Geez, you're all action, drama and thriller and then there's The Muppet Movie. *snort*

    I LOVED Star Wars. It is still one of my fave movies of all time. I spit on those other three movies that dare to call themselves 1 – 3. THEY CAN GO TO HELL!!!


    KZ: “My teens? Surely you jest.”

    What Wren said.

    Patti: “Wax on. Wax off.” The Karate Kid was so much fun. Everyone loves it when the geek kicks the butt of the bully. It's great stuff.

    What the hell is Breakin'??

  28. Kris says:

    Stephani: You like Breakin' too? *off to use my Google Fu* Umm. You're kidding, right. *muttergeezusmutter*

    I was never into Fame, but, God, did I love Flashdance!

    Miranda: Buffy the movie was so campy. Who can ever forget Pee Wee Herman's dying scene in that. It was hilarious!!

    Aww, The Princess Bride. I didn't discover that movie until me late teens/early 20s. It's one of my feel good movies. 🙂

    Mariana: Stand By Me! That was an awesome movie. I loved River Phoenix too. I had his pictures everywhere in my room, my school diary, my locker, the works. I was absolutely devastated when he died.

  29. Kris, is there a problem with the muppet movie?

    I saw Star Wars (the original) eleven times at the movie theaters when it came out. Those “new” ones are just crumbs from the s'mores of life. Crumbs, I tell you.

  30. Chris says:

    Kris: Yup, I have the Empire Records soundtrack, although I don't believe I ever saw the movie.

    Ok, I suppose High Fidelity doesn't count because it was in the 90s, huh? 🙂

  31. Kris says:

    MsM: 10 Things I Hate About You is classic. Definitely one of the best of the modern retellings of Shakespeare that has been done and spot on in terms of the sexy humour of Taming of the Shrew. *g*

    Sweet: I'm exactly the same in terms of stopping everything to watch a fave movie when I see it on. LOL.

    I blame Aliens for my love of sci fi, horror, action movies. Unfortunately it set the bar pretty high and nothing has really come close since.

  32. Kris says:

    Jen: It is sad.

    Wren: Nope. It's just, erm, a little different from your other pics is all. 🙂

    I refused to watch the pretender films after the crappy 4th movie – IT WILL NEVER BE THE FIRST I TELL YOU. THERE IS ONLY ONE #1 AND THAT IS STAR WARS!!!!

    Chris: You should see if you get the movie. It's fun… and then we can quote lines at each other that no one else will get. 🙂

    If part of the 90s was still teens for you I don't see why High Fidelity couldn't be included. Ok, how many of us had a crush of John Cusack?? *raises hand*

  33. Chris says:

    Umm, well, I'm sure part of the 90s were the teens for someone, but that would not be me… 🙂

  34. Kris says:

    I could pick it for you, Chris. *bats eyelashes*

  35. Chris says:

    *thbbbbbt* :p

  36. Mariana says:

    Aliens was awesome… I have them all on DVD and have Aliens viewing parties at home. Sigourney Weaver is still the baddest bitch I know, her and Linda Hamilton (Terminator).

    My favorite all time movie that I watch every month is The Professional; Jean Reno and a young Natalie Portman… nothing better than a demented coked out Gary Oldman 🙂

  37. Sean Kennedy says:

    Heathers. Heathers. Heathers.

    I don't care what anybody says about her, Winona Ryder is a goddess and the most talented actor of my generation.

    “Why are you pulling my dick?”

    “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.” (still my go-to curse)

    “Did you have a brain tumour for breakfast?”

    “It's your turn, Heather.”
    “No, Heather. It's Heather's turn. Heather?”
    “Sorry, Heather.”

    “Great pate, mom, but I gotta motor if I don't want to be late for that funeral.”

    “If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be human. You'd be a game-show host.”

    “The quarterback, buggering the linebacker!”
    “Oh, the humanity!”

    “Dear Diary. My teen angst bullshit now has a body count.”

    “You're beautiful.”

    “I love my dead gay son!”

  38. Sweet says:

    Heathers has the best quotes.

    Sean has named some of the best but, I also love

    “You stupid fuck.”
    “You goddamn bitch.”
    “I brought you to a Remington party and what's my thanks? It's on a hallway carpet. I got paid in puke.”
    “Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.”

    “I prayed for the death of Heather Chandler many times and I felt bad everytime I did it but I kept doing it anyway. Now I know you understood everything. Praise Jesus, Hallelujah.”

    “Did you hear? School's canceled today cause Kurt & Ram killed themselves in a repressed, homosexual, suicide pact!”

  39. Chris says:

    Why, oh why do I only have Heathers on VHS, now that this powerful need to watch it is building?!?! And I have no idea where all the frickin' cables and remotes are…

  40. Sean Kennedy says:

    Chris, “Because you're an idiot?”
    “Oh, yeah.”

  41. Kris, I did used to love Breakin', sad but true. In my defense, that was during the time when my dance studio was going through a big break dancing phase. Never mind the fact, none of us could do the Worm, a head spin or The Robot. We were going to be the next great thing.

    I saw it on the other day and tried to watch it. I must have developed taste over the years, because I didn't last for ten minutes before I had to turn it.

  42. nichem says:

    OMG, yes Heathers! Great movie.
    Better Off Dead
    Dirty Dancing
    The Outsiders
    The Karate Kid
    Pretty in Pink
    The Breakfast Club
    Sixteen Candles

    I've never seen Goonies or Pump Up the Volume.

  43. nichem says:

    Oh, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  44. Jambrea says:

    I SO need to get Pump up the Volume. I LOVED the music in that movie! We just got Goonies, but my 5 year old wasn't impressed. lol

    I love all these movies that are being listed. Brings back so many memories.

    And…I LOVED Revenge of the Nerds. I can still hear those laughs. And the Nerd in the Darth Vader outfit….heheehee

    Heathers…I love the quotes, I can hear them being said by the actors as I read them. lol

    I think I need to go add some movies to my Netflix. lol

  45. Term Papers says:

    Such a romantic collection thanks for sharing.

  46. orannia says:

    I love the Cyndi Lauper song from The Goonies!

    Footloose definitely. Also Flashdance. Dirty Dancing (my mother's favourite 🙂 All dance movies (go figure!).

    And I'm going to bend Kris' question slightly – three TV series jump out: Fame, 21 Jump Street (with the utterly gorgeous Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco 🙂 and Tour of Duty. Oh, make that four. China Beach!

  47. Kris says:

    Mariana: “nothing better than a demented coked out Gary Oldman”

    Hell yeah. It's hard to beat Gary Oldman as a baddie. He does it so bloody well.

    Sean: “I don't care what anybody says about her, Winona Ryder is a goddess and the most talented actor of my generation.”

    Oh, here we go again. *rolls eyes*

    Sweet: “”You stupid fuck.”
    “You goddamn bitch.”
    “I brought you to a Remington party and what's my thanks? It's on a hallway carpet. I got paid in puke.”
    “Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.””

    Heathers does have the best lines. I love this one. It's one of my faves from it.

    Chris: *pats* Don't worry. He's rude to me too.

  48. Kris says:

    Stephani: LOL. I rewatched Girls Just Want To Have Fun the other day. Still a great movie, but the dance moves… sheesh… 🙂

    Richelle: Your kids will probably like Goonies. The whole thing is a big treasure hunt. Fun stuff. Pump Up The Volume is more late high school years – I think anyways.

    And is this the first time Ferris Bueller's has been mentioned?? Holy hell. How did that happen?! Definitely one of the my top 10 teen flicks.

    Jambrea: Pump Up The Volume has one of the best soundtracks ever, I reckon. I'm rewatching it tonight. I can't resist. 🙂

    “And…I LOVED Revenge of the Nerds. I can still hear those laughs.”

    I used to go around laughing like this until it became a habit. Occasionally I still let out a nerd laugh. LOL.

  49. Kris says:

    Term Papers: It's been fun reminiscing about these films. 🙂

    Orannia: China Beach was awesome. I have the soundtrack to that too.

    It was these kinds of tv shows, The Big Chill and, of course, the Mumma that I became obsessed with 1960s music and started collecting it on vinyl. I even have one of the original LPs from Woodstock. 🙂

    *whispers* I can still sing all the words to the theme song for 21 Jump Street. Can you? 😉

  50. orannia says:

    I have the soundtrack to China Beach too. It's a fantastic soundtrack.

    I don't know if I can remember ALL the words to the 21 Jump Street theme…but I know some 🙂

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