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encounters with my baby brother: 12

Me: So I was in the mood for car chase movies last night and I rewatched a couple of faves. The Baby Brother:  Which ones? Me:  Death Race… The BB:  *rolls eyes* Me:  What?!  I love that movie.  It fucking … Continue reading

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getting on the ‘best of’ bandwagon: 2010

Continuing my tradition of not-quite-the-norm best ofs (see 2008 and 2009), I’ve decided to again pimp the shit out of revisit my 2010 fave glbtq film-ish moments. In fact, I’ve heard the PTB are thinking of renaming 2010 as the … Continue reading

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random funny (nsfw)


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kris has an epiphany *and it hurt!*

This might seem like sacrilege to some, okay, most, but I can’t stand the True Blood TV series. It makes me want to go seriously McStabbity. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against adaptations from books to films per … Continue reading

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chrolli cookies

Because Emilie, her friend A and I adore Chrolli (aka Christian and Olli from Verbotene Liebe). Because everyone should be converted to the awesomeness that is them. And because they’re getting married! SQUEE!!!!! *sniffle* So on that sappy note, I … Continue reading

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random awesomeness

While I’m still playing at DIK and preparing to make Matthew’s life as hellish as possible for the next choose your own m/m story challenge, I thought I’d share this piece of awesomeness with you. It is the scene from … Continue reading

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thing that make you go O_o (nsfw)

My OCD tendency is well known by now so when I was ‘introduced’ to the boys above, who are partners in life and pron, it will come as no surprise that I got a little obsessed curious. My Google Fu … Continue reading

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best of teen flicks

Yesterday’s post sparked a couple of us recalling our favourite movies from when we were growing up, including those who did so in the awesome age of teen flicks that was the 1980s. I already mentioned that Sixteen Candles was … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

I read the above book the other day and was highly offended by the following: My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden question in an impudent tone. “Can you help me find a movie?” It sounded like a challenge. I … Continue reading

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insomnia makes everything weird

Insomnia reigns in the House of Kris. It also makes things topsy turvy-like. At about 4am yesterday morning I was watching this: And at about 4am yesterday morning my baby brother was watching this: Yeah. You have to admit that’s … Continue reading

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