maybe it’s me, but…

I’ve always been a reader who has moments when they fantasise about Teh Big Bookity Dream To End All Dreams.

For me, there are two:

To have the kind of personal library that would be the envy of all my reading friends with shelves from floor to ceiling and rolling ladders ala the library in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  *dreamy sigh*


To have one of those old fashioned book stores.  You know, the kind that’s warm and welcoming with hidden reading nooks which invite you to snuggle in, take a deep breath and enjoy losing yourself in the story.  Unfortunately, you don’t see a lot of these anymore.  I so miss them.

So, are you a reader who’s ever had these kind of dreams? I’d love to know what they are. 🙂

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21 Responses to maybe it’s me, but…

  1. Tam says:

    Not the library dream. I really have no attachment to physical books. E-books were made for me. no space required.

    But I would love to own a bookstore like you described. I'm not sure they exist at all, which is sad.

  2. orannia says:

    To have the kind of personal library that would be the envy of all my reading friends with shelves from floor to ceiling and rolling ladders ala the library in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.


    Oh, can I add one more to the list? The time to read and savour your books!

    Actually, a friend/colleague of my mother's always wanted to own a little cafe with books – she wanted me to help since she knew I was a book fanatic 🙂

    Am slowly working through my boxes of books sorting them all. Then that room will be clear and I can daydream about turning it into a library. The $ will take a while to save though, but I can dream 🙂

  3. Freya says:

    OMG we have the same bookity dreams. What's up with that.

  4. Lol I can't seem to remember who I am at any given moment. I wonder if that means the 3 of us have the same bookity dreams.

    I also wonder if I will be Amara when I publish this comment. We shall see…

  5. Chris says:

    I even took a little seminar on how to open/run a used bookstore, but never went anywhere with it. Fortunately, Minneapolis-St Paul still have a fair number of bookstores to putter around in, even tho I'd much rather read ebooks than physical books. Some of the libraries here are pretty amazing, too.

  6. Val Kovalin says:

    I used to work in one of those type of bookstores for years — so I'm afraid it took the fun of it for me. Worst of all were the parents who would let their kids run wild in the children's room … we'd find the kids sitting on the floor, ripping apart pop-up books, that kind of thing. And most customers treated us like idiots. Especially the teachers who came in to fill purchase orders. Not to be totally negative, ha, ha! I love the photo of the guy's personal library. I'm curious why he's storing his books horizontally…

  7. heidenkind says:

    It actually is my dream to own a bookstore like that. But I have no capital, no business experience, and we all know how bookstores are doing right now, so… ::sigh::

  8. Kris says:

    Tam: And no putting together Ikea bookshelves?? ;P

    I think they only exist in movies now. *sigh*

    Orannia: “Oh, can I add one more to the list? The time to read and savour your books!”

    This is true. Unfortunately. 😦

    We all need to find rich partners to keep us in the books to which we wish we could grow accustomed. Is that too much to ask??

  9. Kris says:

    Freya/Amara: “I wonder if that means the 3 of us have the same bookity dreams.”

    Or the 4 of us?? LOL.

    Are you really that surprised our reader's dreams are similar? We seem to find how much we've got in common all the time. :DDD

    Chris: You're lucky to still have book stores to potter around in. We have one secondhand and one semi-specialty in the area where I live. It's a sad state of affairs. 😦

  10. Kris says:

    Val: “Not to be totally negative, ha, ha!”

    Did you have to be so practical? You totally rained on all of our parades, Val. You meanie. ;P

    Heidenkind: I know. *sigh* The fact that even the large book store chains like Borders have/are failing leaves little hope for the privately-owned store that we are talking about.

  11. Kaetrin says:

    definitely the big library with the multistory and rolling ladders and the big desk and comfy leather chairs and couches with a huge open fire place and a window seat.

    (not that I've spent much time thinking about it or anything… :P)

    I would definitely come to your bookshop though! 🙂

  12. Tam says:

    I would make my bookstore adults only. I'm not sure there is much money in kids books and as you said, the loss through damage is huge. I'd say preteen and up only.

  13. K. Z. Snow says:

    I've had exactly both of those dreams for as long as I can remember. Came close to starting a used/antiquarian book and map store at one point, and once had a library with custom-made, and adjustable, oak bookshelves that covered an entire wall.

    I've also dreamed of having a study at the top of a silo (converted, of course), with a wrought-iron spiral staircase, large telescope, and special hooks or railings on the outside for hanging wind chimes all around. *sigh*

  14. Kris says:

    Kaetrin: A window seat! I would love a window seat. Or a secret summerhouse that would be a haven for readers with a day bed and plump cushions and…

    Tam: Hell, just make it Adults Only and you can make it a book and sex shop. 😉

    KZ: I've dreamed of having an awesome study too. I'd love to have one at the top of a house in a tower or rotunda with huge picture windows opening up to beautiful vistas. That would be so awesome. *sigh*

  15. Emilie says:

    I have lots of bookshelves and bookcases, so that part is covered. I have my romances, gardening books, books on GLBT topics, sci fi/fantasy and mysteries, among other genres.

    There's a Barnes & Noble near me, and a good-sized independent bookstore. There's Giovanni's Room ( in Philadelphia, and a couple of used bookstores pretty close where I live. One I volunteer at sometimes, and we mostly keep the newer-looking books that are donated. The other is huge, has all kinds of old books, a wood stove, and cats. You could browse in there for hours.

    What I wish for is a greenhouse or conservatory. The conservatory could have bookshelves as well as plants. Either of those would take far more money than I have, but that's my dream when I dream of rooms I'd like.

  16. Kris says:

    I can just imagine you having a library/conservatory, Em, especially given your love of both books and gardening. 🙂

    I couldn't resist googling images of library/conservatories and came up with this pic of Mark Twain's room in his house in Connecticut:

    It looks awesome. :DDD

  17. Tracy says:

    I think I've had both dreams at some point in my life. Not so much the personal library in these last years as I've been reading so many ebooks. 🙂

    Love that pictures!

  18. Kris says:

    You know, Tracy, I don't even recall seeing the book cases that you have now when I was there. How weird.

  19. Kris says:

    Then again I was probably too scarred from my nightmares about Justin Beiber to have noticed anything. 😛

  20. Tracy says:

    The “library” such at it is was in the office which is hubby's domain. I think we spent most of the time in the family room and kitchen. 🙂

    I secretly think you have Bieber fever and loved every minute of being in the bedroom with him.

  21. Kris says:

    Tracy: Do you not remember me telling you about waking up terrified because this soulless creature was standing over me?? It was only when I turned on the light that I realised it was a poster. I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night.

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