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maybe it’s me, but…

I’ve always been a reader who has moments when they fantasise about Teh Big Bookity Dream To End All Dreams.For me, there are two:To have the kind of personal library that would be the envy of all my reading friends … Continue reading

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one of my fave book stores

So on Saturday after lunch with the Mumma and the Stepmumma and the double-whammy guilt trip about looking after myself, the Mumma and I went to my tame book store to pick up the gazillion books she had ordered.I love … Continue reading

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I’ve been given a very temporary visa to DIK and am talking about bookstores being a cure for my OCD. Or at least part of it anyways…

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Book pimpage & the pitfalls of living in the lonely city

Although I have only recently become a die-hard fan of the blogs of my fave authors as well as other readers, I can already tell that book pimpage is going to be a serious problem for me. I had successfully … Continue reading

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A pet peeve (or favourite rant)

Granted it’s early days yet, but there is no point in hiding the fact that sooner or later I will go on a major rant. I am often accused of being ‘too opinionated’… well… DUH!~side line~ Kris to everybody: Just … Continue reading

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