maybe it’s me, but…

I read fuck all at the moment.

Well, when I say that, it’s in fits more than starts.  And there are very few fits.

Of the reading kind, that is. *HAR* *HAR*


So when I do get the urge to pick up a book it usually has a theme or excerpt or something which really appeals and, quite frankly, it’s short.  Since my ‘mental health episodes’ all began, I just don’t have the focus anymore.  It sucks, but what can you do.

Anyways, back to my rant…

Like you didn’t know it wasn’t going to be one.

I had an awake period during the night and powered up the ol’ eyepad for some bookity.

Me:  *reading, reading, reading*  Yeah, not badly handled.  *reading, reading, reading*  *last few pages*  Sure this didn’t wow me or anything, but for 2am…




As soon as I read those couple of paragraphs in the final pages of the story, I knew it.

An m/m?  Friends to lovers?  Gay?  Bi.  Twu Wuv.  zOMG!  Remember that girl from high school?  A reunion?

Me: Well, Gollee Gee. One wonders if doth there be-est a sequel to this-eth.

Look, I don’t give a toss whether it’s PC to hate m/m/f, hate m/f in m/m or whatever at the moment.  Couldn’t give a shit.  It’s a debate that will always be rehashed.

But the ambush menage?  This is another thing entirely.  And, yep, I’m using this word deliberately given the context.  I mean the last couple of pages?  Seriously??

I fucking hate that.

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9 Responses to maybe it’s me, but…

  1. Chris says:

    *blink blink* Ok, haven’t had that happen. Fortunately.

  2. Tam says:

    I read something like that a while ago. Going along, going along, then at the end the woman shows up. I see the sequel is m/m/f. Sorry. No matter how much I liked the first one, not gonna happen. And there was no hint as she hadn’t been in the book the whole way.

    Not my cup of tea.

    • Kris says:

      It has to be the same book cos, yeah, no hint of her at all until the end and the photo album thing.

      Pissed me off no end.

      Which is probably why I couldn’t get back to sleep.


  3. Tish says:

    Did it state it wasn’t a m/m book and was going to turn into a m/f book? If that happened to me I’d have burnt the book! Yup, some books need burning. If I wanted a ménage book I would have bloody bought one!
    Oh and hi ya sweetie darling 🙂 how’s life? I’m up to my arse in sick kidlets! Two effing weeks of grossness and counting! I am still waiting for your second mug to arrive, if it hasn’t ill send you the other one next week, also can I send you a mag to give to Sean?
    Take care

    • Kris says:

      Nope, no mention at all. Just the ending to set you up for the m/m, m/f and m/m/f and the permeations thereof which was all gonna happen in the sequel. One assumes cos I ain’t buying it.

      Boo to sick kidlets. Yay to Jane Austen mugs! And, yep, I can pass on the mag to our boy. I’ve got stuff to send to you from him as well. 🙂

      • Tish says:

        Sometimes I wonder if some authors of m/m books insert themselves into books. Saying you have this great m/m relationship but they want to be part of it so in pops a woman. It makes no sense but hey I want get with the perfect bloke coz they only exist in my mind so I can live vicariously through the woman. I think that that is why sometimes a woman pops into a relationship, a perfect bloke isn’t complete with just a man, they need a woman as well. Either that or they were dumped by mister perfect for a bloke and this is the only way that they can back into the relationship.
        Huh? They’re gay, get over it!

        This all made sense in my addled sleep deprived brain.


        Sent out packages today :-). Better late than never, right?

  4. orannia says:

    An ambuse menage. OMG! Where that take my brain….

    One should never be ambushed by anything in the final paragraphs of a book IMHO!

    And I’m not reading fantasy ATM. I’ve read the odd published book, but I’m still in Sterek shipville 🙂 LOL! Have found a great new clip to post on my blog…tomorrow 🙂

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