end-of-year bandwagon wrap-up: 2012


Well, hello there.

Yes, it’s me.  I’m still here.



Anyhoody, I’ve had some recent requests to access this site and, in a move completely disparate to my usual apathetic-can’t-be-bothered-with-this-stuff-anymore-and-who-cares-if-people-think-I-hate-them-cos-it’s-more-than-likely-true, decided I should reopen the place and grace you all with the awesomeness of my presence.

You’re welcome.

The truth is that 2012 has been pretty crazy *Har.  Har.* for me and shutting up shop was just one of the many ways I’ve pulled back from things.  Some of you – if there are any people reading this, that is – might know what’s been going on with me, others won’t have a clue and a few won’t give a toss.  I’d be among the latter.  Obviously.  Regardless, if any of you feel the intense need to be nosy and waste a few minutes, you can go read about my shit here.

Yes, I can’t be fucked rehashing it all.

Yes, I’m still lazy.

Really, as if that would change.

Having said that, I know I need to try to reconnect with, well, everything; particularly with the stuff I enjoy, which, once upon a time in the dim recesses of my drug-addled memory, included blogging.  So here I am.  Back.  Again.  And, yes, it’s me.  I haven’t been diagnosed with that.  Yet.

Anyways, I thought I’d begin by doing my usual end-of-year bandwagon wrap-up…

Get it??  Begin.  End.

HA!  *wipes tear from eye*  I’m too funny.

Without further ado…

Kris’ 2012 Top 5 Bookity Things *that pretty much don’t have anything at all to do with reading* 

#1 The year 2012 shall henceforth be chronicled as that time of times when an epidemic, later known as douchebagery, swept through the book blogging community leaving havoc, destruction and a general feeling of WTFery in its path.  Many a friend was lost to the disillusionment and disgust brought on by the symptoms of plagiarism, the recurrence of responses to ‘bad’ reviews and the rash of online bullying.

Not to mention the deliberate avoidance of words like irony and hypocrisy.


#2 zOMG!  The copyright scandal was soooooooo skerry.  Luckily practically everyone went racing around in a tizzy, spent hours and hours taking down all those images from their sites and added gazillions of links.

Shockingly, there were also a few who decided to deal with it by taking all of 2 seconds to put up a Scarlet Letter on their blog.


#3 I’m sure there was something to do with goodreads being a bitch. I have a vague recollection of it. No doubt this is why I, in a fit of moral high groundedness, stopped adding books and providing other readers with the benefit of my hugely literary reviews.

Or it was my lazy thing.

Whatever it was I’m sure the *insert appropriate gossip description here* about goodreads made a huge impact on everyone and nothing and no one has been the same since.

#4 Have you heard about… *shudders* Blog Tours *shudders*?

*whispers*  They hunt in packs and ambush you in your reader.  They’re like a plague of locusts.  They gorge on one site and then move randomly on to the another.  You think they’ve gone, but they’re still there… in the publishing shadows… waiting with stalkerly patiently.  You can feel them watching.  You know it’s just a matter of time before they’ll attack you when your traffic is slow defenses are low.  No one is safe from them.



#5  *singing*  “Any day now, any day now.  I shall be re-released…”

The first rule of Re-release Club is: You don’t talk about Re-release Club. The second to seventh rules of Re-Release Club are variations of: Only members of Re-release Club can re-release and only a very, happy few will be given the opportunity to capture the Golden Snitch, thus gaining the ultimate superpower to edit, add, change a book cover or whatever the hell else they want to do as part of teh re-release.  And the eighth and final rule: If this is your first night at Re-release Club then you’re fucked cos you really should have waited for The Engraved Invitation.

Concluding Kris’ 2012 Top 5 Bookity Things…

Apparently, I’m not the only one who went crazy this year.

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25 Responses to end-of-year bandwagon wrap-up: 2012

  1. Tam says:

    There’s a re-release club? Huh. It’s like a wave of scandals and brouhaha, they come, they go. It’s been quiet for a while so that means I’ve probably jinxed it.

    • Kris says:

      *points below to Kaetrin’s comment* You did jinx it. Oh, well. Good to end the year on a low point… or is that meant to be the other way ’round??

  2. Chris says:

    All of it. Just makes me. So tired. My coping strategy is hiding and reading/rereading hockey fics from AO3. Hey. Works for me. At least as well as medication.

  3. kaetrin says:

    There’s even a new “scandal” to end the year on! Author going batshit on FB about how free ebooks are ruining it for all authors and meaning they can’t make a living writing. Oy vey.

    Here’s hoping 2013 is calmer and more funner! 🙂

    • Kris says:

      *clutches pearls like she’s just seen a taxidermied kangaroo scrotum* Free ebooks???? That’s almost as bad as burning books! Those authors should be shot dead!!!!!!!!

  4. Matthew says:

    Oh, we never left. We’ve been lurking in shadows waiting for you to return. *smoochies*

  5. Jenre says:

    I’m hoping the blog tour thing will be over next year. I’ve had so much hassle from it, it’s unbelievable. I’m constantly kicking myself over why I allowed laziness to take over good sense with this issue!

    No more scandal, please. I just adopt Chris’ head in the sand approach. ***la la la, I can’t hear you***

    Loved the re-release club image :).

    • Kris says:

      I think it’s important to have dreams, Jen, but I don’t reckon a world without blog tours is gonna come true. Never fear, though! The Force can help you to resist Teh Dark Side.




  6. Juni says:

    Ostrich, works for me too.

    So irritated by the no. of books I’ve bought this year only to find I already have them & that the only change has been the cover. Aargh! My own fault for not being more organised, I suppose (& having such a piss-poor memory for retaining info about anything I’ve ever read).

    • ingrid2009 says:

      Juni, things would be a lot better if publishers just told us something is a re-pub work.

      Count myself lucky that my memory is better that way and that I read mm long enough to recognize them

    • Kris says:

      Cover and blurb changes have caught me a few times too. Lucky for me I tend to read excerpts more often now, which is when I pick up the fact that it’s a re-release.

  7. ingrid2009 says:

    Lucky me. I don’t blog and I quit facebook. Doesn’t sound like I missed anything.

    • Kris says:

      I don’t think you’ve missed anything, Ingrid, especially not an aching neck from the constant head shaking.

      “…things would be a lot better if publishers just told us something is a re-pub work….”

      When I was perusing the shelves last night, I noticed that a few had notes at the beginning of the blurb stating they were a re-release, but they were the exception rather than the rule.

  8. orannia says:

    I think this post’s photo says it all for me 🙂

  9. I just. Fucking. Love. You.

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