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kris’ ramblings: beware the slippery slope*

*Or stuff-that-I’ve-been-thinking-about-which-needs-to-come-out-of-my-head-and-will-probably-make-no-sense-to-anyone-else-but-me-and-is-also-likely-to-cause-offense-to-people-oh-well-I’m-closing-my-blog-so-fuck-it One of the main issues which gets raised in the m/m romance community from time to time – and inevitably causes a wankfest whenever it does – is the fact there are a heck of a lot of heterosexual women … Continue reading

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are m/m readers obsessed with ‘girl cooties’?

Me again with an ‘am I the only one who thinks this is weird arse?’ post. What set me off this time? Well, it was the reaction by some m/m readers to a lesbian couple in Sean Kennedy’s Wings of … Continue reading

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firsts series: f/f

To be honest, f/f fiction has never been something that has overly interested me. I’ve read one or two stories in anthologies maybe, but they certainly didn’t intrigue me enough to try out more of the genre. Anyway, you might … Continue reading

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