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things that make you go O.o

Scene: Phone conversation Male voice: I did it last night. I don’t see why I have to… Female voice: *murmur, murmur* Male: Well, I don’t! *whines* ¬†You never take my side anymore! Female: *Murmur. Murmur.* Male: What do you mean … Continue reading

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things that make you go O_o

It seems to be that time of year again for me.You know the one I’m talking about.That skipping-the-sex-scenes season.Yeah. The mood swing.  I haz it.Too bad the flipping to the story thing makes you realise that, well, there ain’t much of … Continue reading

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self-diagnosis = toy poodle flu

It is true. I have caught this horrendous strain of the flu for which the main symptom is having the attention span of a toy poodle. In the past, the toy poodle flu has been confused with the ‘mehs’ or … Continue reading

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since i’m being nosy…

I have this thing where I have no real interest in what I call “the random follow up”. ( Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds dismissive.) These are the short stories which are neither epilogue nor sequel nor part of … Continue reading

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