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best ofs: gfy

Let’s start another one of my t-rific post series, shall we? *Why yes, Kris, that’s sounds fantabulous and totally in line with your awesome self.* *blushes* I know. Love it or hate it, there’s no arguing that the ‘gay for … Continue reading

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the w spot

In late January the wonderful bloggess Erotic Horizon wrote a terrific post about ‘her ladies’, whose ages range from 67 to 82 years and are a group with whom she has been visiting and reading a while. Upon recently discovering … Continue reading

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first series: tatts

Let’s face it, a tattoo on a guy can be sexy as. And, in erotica and romance, the descriptions of tattoos being traced by smutty mouths are steamy to say the least. But what about those tatts in, err, unusual … Continue reading

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