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the author/pedestal thing revisited

Ages ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I wrote a post about the pedestal we readers tend to put authors on and asked if people really wanted to know everything about an author they liked or if they preferred to to … Continue reading

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ratings & reviews: the scary monster hiding under the bed ready to eat you’s ugly stepsisters

I know I provided my unique and no doubt – this is me we’re talking about, after all –   offensive take on this topic the other day, but I felt the need to offer a few thoughts on the … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

I like Twitter, Tumblr, goodreads, etc so much better now I’ve turned off all the notifications.I call it Antisocial Bitch Networking.It works for me.Surprisingly.

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@krisnotes #1

A hint and a perve. Welcome to @krisnotes #1.   “Apparently an epic battle between good & evil, but it’s really all about who you smell with & *hopefully* gay sex. The end. Verily.” We’d thank you for subscribing to … Continue reading

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You’ll never guess what I’m talking about for the next couple of days…It’s kinda like being a DIK…But not…

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well, i was bored…

click on me … and my veri words were ‘and fondled’. I’m pretty sure that was a sign from the Book Goddesses.

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