Why I hate/love the blogs of other book addicts!

Two words… ‘book pimpage’.

I said early on that I have recently discovered the blog sites of other reading addicts and how my curiosity (translation from Australian colloquialism = total lack of will power and any self control at all!) has meant that I now have lists of books that I must own/read. Well, it’s happened again… dammit!

For a while now I’ve been fighting bravely to curtail my interest in the references to Michael, Sir Pup and other characters made by the DIK Ladies and then they went and invited the author of this series to the island, didn’t they?!? Dammit!

What I did today:

+ = must have all the books in rest of series NOW, dammit!

I’ve said before that I’ve no intention of really getting into book reviews – mainly because I am just too damn lazy – but if you are the type who likes not-so-perfect, kick ass heroes and heroines, who do what it takes to fight the good fight then author Meljean Brooks is definitely for you!

Not really a spoiler: I definitely want a Sir Pup of my own. Not only will he bite all the people who seriously fuck me off, but I have a feeling that he will be able to keep my horrible-cute kittens in line (if he doesn’t eat them that is).

By the way, you reckon his cache is refrigerated?? Just wondering about lounging around reading and being able to ask for cold beers, wine, margaritas, etc. LOL.

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