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Complete randomness from me today because my brain has turned to mush.

Reasons: I only have two books to go in the ‘Bloody 16’ one of which is the hugmongous Brisinger; and, a THIRD book package arrived. The world is conspiring against me! Damn you world! *shaking fist*

Because I’ve got nothing, I thought I’d share a few interesting things I’ve been following in bloglandia~

~ The results of Wave’s recent post re: ‘burning gay questions’. I am no longer the wide-eyed innocent after reading the comments on the original post.

~ The Book Smugglers are in the midst of a Manga Appreciation Week for those of you who like this genre. I will be tossing a coin as to whether my next online book buying spree will be m/m romance or manga. Decisions, decisions. *g*

~ m/m author T A Chase’s new serial is a historical western and complete goodness. Check out part one here. T A posts these freebies Tuesday and Thursday; Wednesday and Friday for me, and now two of my fave days of the week.

~ CJ’s ‘laboratory-proven book ranking process’. Read it, it’s true stuff.

and for final randomness

~ I’ve been known to lurk at JenB’s blog and I have to say every single time I see her banner I just want to slurp. Every. Single. Time.

Yep, I ganked it. Why? Are you kidding??? And no telling neither!

So. Tasty.

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