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a true story

Once upon a time, in a town on the edge of the ocean and in the middle of nowhere, a beautiful and totally awesome young woman went innocently to her letter box. “Oh”, she said upon seeing an envelope prettily … Continue reading

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firsts series: fetishes (part 2)

*pats bubble butt* Is there any point in giving three guesses as to who is going to eww on this firsts topic, which is, if you hadn’t already guessed, about jock huffing? For those of you who’ve no idea what … Continue reading

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cos she’s scary that’s why

Yesterday Orannia chose to make me the victim, err, winner of a blog award, which means that I have to pass it on to two other people otherwise a voodoo doll will be created in my image. *WTF??* Yeah, that … Continue reading

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pondering: the anti-hero/ine

The little grey cells (points to those who get this reference) have been mulling on something for a few weeks now so I thought I’d attempt a post about it. First of all, I’m a reader who loves an anti-hero … Continue reading

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bits & bobs

Complete randomness from me today because my brain has turned to mush. Reasons: I only have two books to go in the ‘Bloody 16’ one of which is the hugmongous Brisinger; and, a THIRD book package arrived. The world is … Continue reading

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