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when things resonate

“And in the meantime, enjoy every version of yourself you ever meet, because not everybody who discovers their true identity likes what they find.”I read the above quote in The Book Smugglers’ review of Antony John’s YA novel Five Flavors … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

You are warned. This is totally about me. I have the above sitting in my tbr and it’s been there for over a week now. This is pretty strange since (a) I really like this series and (b) I know … Continue reading

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a reader’s squees

It was in late 2007 when I first discovered ebooks and in late 2008 that I first started lurking, then commenting, before pulling out of my arse creating my own blog. I’ve come to really appreciate it when an author … Continue reading

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for ana & thea: the loot

Unlike other enablers, who may be unconscious or at the very least less overt about facilitating certain behaviour in other people, Ana and Thea – The Book Smugglers – are unremorseful in their glee over discovering the outcomes of their … Continue reading

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bits & bobs

Complete randomness from me today because my brain has turned to mush. Reasons: I only have two books to go in the ‘Bloody 16’ one of which is the hugmongous Brisinger; and, a THIRD book package arrived. The world is … Continue reading

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lucky, lucky, (hopefully) lucky

This was me on 2 January: “Me, a winner??? YAY!!! I won an ebook!” thanks to the generosity of author Chris Owen and the opportunity provided by Wave This was me on 5 January: “Srsly??? I won something again??? Three … Continue reading

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loving reading at the moment

I don’t think that I’ve ever spent as much on books as I have the past year, which is really saying something. Yep, the master card is groaning under exchange rates and my savings account is sighing about the trip … Continue reading

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