fuck it (not really) fridays

Nothing too bitchy from me today.

*rolls eyes* No, I’m not sick… or hungover *glaring in the vague direction of Holland*. I’m still riding the gloat glow of my birthday spoilage.

Yes, it’s true that I shamelessly pimped my birthday to everyone. There was, however, a reason for this and this was quite clearly for THE LOOT!!

Sure I feel loved, blah, blah**, but, let’s face it, it was always about how much I could guilt people into giving me because they either (a) for whatever reason genuinely like me or (b) didn’t want me to look like a totally friendless loser. I’m pretty sure that it was the latter that won the day.

Anyway, on to the bragging…

You’ve all seen my flowers from Tam, which amazingly continue to survive despite longing, albeit calculating, looks 50+ times a day from the boy kittens. (I’ve tried to take a photo of them doing this, but for some reason they now run off whenever I catch them eyeing the flowers. Wusses!)

I received some vouchers to a couple of great stores which will help me replace the stuff the boy kittens have destroyed over the last 12 months. (Evil bastards!)

I also got this which tells me when it’s time for me to be fabulous. Nothing like positive reinforcement. (This was from the Mumma, who seems to think that my ego is nowhere near to what it should be. Go figure.)

The best part… MY B’DAY BOOK LOOT!!

I was positively spoilt for ARe Bucks from a Redheaded-Cali-Butt-Lover and a Misguided-Jake-Fan-From-Leeds.

As for the books themselves… Lookee!

The second book in the series has been removed from this line up in order to save you from the gouging of the eyes. (K Z, I thought you might have been overstating the ugliness. You weren’t.)

The graphic novels came from the Mumma, The Draegan Lords from Wave and M L, and the yaoi from Ingrid. (I’m not sure if the yaoi was meant to be for my b’day or whether it’s part of The Great Yaoi Swap. Proximity, however, means it counts as a pressie.)

O_O Agatha Christie graphic novels! Very cool.

Close up of my signed copy of The Draegan Lords and other goodies. (Mwahahahaha!)

Oh, I almost forgot.

Last, but by no means least, I truly felt the b’day love when I received the below cookie crumb from the infamous Ms Castanet Feldman.

See. She does so like me.

**Smooches to all those who dropped by with wishes and, more importantly (it’s all about priority, people), gave me cards and pressies. I lubs youse. *sniffles*

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19 Responses to fuck it (not really) fridays

  1. Tam says:

    Holy fantastic loot-o-rama. Now you are making me go in search of cover #2 just so I can see if its truly ugly.

    I don't have too much to complain about except the weather which makes me a proper Canadian. I'm sick of clouds and rain and cold, very UnCanadian weather. I'm supposed to get my car back tomorrow (knock on wood). I would have gotten it today but when they took the new bumper out of the box it was already damaged so they had to order a new one. Grrrr. C'est tout.

    Have a super weekend and enjoy all that reading.

  2. Tam says:

    Oh, okay, I looked. Yeah. Why is it so different from one and three? That's weird. Oh well, its what's inside that counts. 🙂

  3. lovely pressies!! 😀
    I think I am getting a cold. My throat hurts 😦 But the weekend is almost here.

  4. Mumma J says:

    That's a lotta loot! You are a very lucky girl.

    May I please borrow Agatha for the weekend?

    AND BTW I'm not talking to Sean…

    Week one of my school holidays is just about to end and what have I done? Nothing much at all! I really can't tell if it's a good thing or a bad thing… SHIT!

  5. Kris says:

    Tam: Spoilage, I haz it. *hehehe*

    It's a poo about your car… and the weather. It's finally looking like Spring has hit here – thank fuck. Gloomy weather is so friggin' depressing.

    PS – Told you it was ugly.

  6. Kris says:

    Katiebabs chook: There are loverly, aren't they. *g*

    Are you sure that your sore throat isn't from all that, err, cream you had during the week? Or maybe you were visited by a sparkly vampire?

    Just a couple of other possibilities.

  7. Kris says:

    Mumma: I am a very lucky girl. 🙂 You can have the ACs after I've read them. Since they were my pressies, I should be the first one to break their spines.

    You didn't do entirely nothing during the 1st week. You celebrated the birth of your first child. That's a momentous occasion.

  8. Sean Kennedy says:

    Why is Mumma not speaking to me? And after I just put something in the post for her? *sniff*

    Those Agatha Christie graphics are cool. I got the Orient Express for Christmas last year, but have to get around to getting the others.

  9. Mumma J says:

    Oh Sean… a present for me? How wonderful!

    Okaaaay then, I will forgive you for making Kris get really excited (and then very disappointed) by thinking that you were going to visit on her birthday. :b (sheepish smiley face)

  10. K. Z. Snow says:

    What a freakin' haul!

    (Told you it was hideous. That book was part of EC's Torrid Tarot themed series, which is a veritable Fugly Cover Festival. ##shudder## I'm hoping for decent graphics on the softcover collection.)

  11. Kris says:

    Sean: *suck up* The Acs are very cool. I really like the fact that they've been done by different artists as well.

    Mumma: And, you fell for it. *rolls eyes* Anyway it's not me who keep on going on about any so-called disappointment so give it a rest.

    KZ: See the benefits of self-pimpage. I should set up a help column for authors on the matter. 😉

    *crossing fingers for the better cover for the print edition* Yes, it was truly fugly. I will now take your word as gospel from now on. *Bwahahahahaha!*

  12. Ingrid says:

    All the efforts I have gone through to get those in time in Oz!
    Reading them, biking to the post office. Waiting for that girl behind the counter who did not know how to get mail to Oz. (new office) I almost feel sorry for myself.

    They are/were mine and not from the swap.

  13. Tracy says:

    Wow you really got some great stuff…and all given with hearty lubs and kisses – not guilt! lol

    Ok – I read book 1 of KZ's series I have to go look at book 2's cover….oh.holy.heavens. That is just wrong. K.Z., I'm SO sorry that you had to live through that! You poor thing – *hands over a glass* have a margarita on me.

    And it's not Friday here yet so I can't say what might go wrong. I'll keep you posted. 🙂

  14. Jenre says:

    You lucky lady!

    I'm glad that you had a fab day and lots of prezzies.

  15. Kris says:

    Ingrid: They arrived yesterday/1 October together with the gorgeous card you sent me.

    I appreciate the effort very much, Ingrid. It was a lovely surprise. 🙂

    Tracy: I got some awesome loot and if you say it was given with lovey doveyness I'm more than happy to believe you. LOL.

    Jen: I did have a fab day with lots of pressies, thanks Jen. Although I'm sure many people would argue that 'spolit' is a more fitting adjective than 'lucky'… not sure about the 'lady' part either. 😉

  16. Oh Kris, you know I don't kiss and tell.

    *slurps up the sparkles*

  17. Kris says:


    So. Naughty.

  18. orannia says:

    Fantastic loot…I mean presents 🙂

    I think I know why my parcel hasn't arrived…and now I feel really bad that it hasn't 😦 It seems that Royal Mail staff are participating in rolling strikes…

  19. Kris says:

    How friggin' rude of them! Haven't they heard of come rain and snow and low pay, etc, etc.

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