minion of the month award

Dear Minions

I am very pleased to announce that the April winner of the coveted Minion of the Month Award is…



Some of you may recall this mission and the utter failure of the publisher to facilitate the stalkage of pictured cookie:

Many were filled with complete and utter despair at the inability to fulfill your task for me, your Goddess, but fear not because Ingrid has provided you with a second opportunity!

Now all you have to do is find out who he is!

Hopefully, the publisher won’t fuck it up this time round.

Go forth and conquer, Minions!

Your Leader in Awesomeness,


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30 Responses to minion of the month award

  1. Cecile says:

    Go Ingrid!!! You rock sistha!!!

    Go forth and conquer…. I will be going forth… and doing a whole lotta conquering…

    Hope you are having a great nite!

  2. Cecile says:

    sleep tight… heee heeee

  3. Yay, Ingrid. Congrats on your minionitisness!

    Doesn't that guy look like his nose is very…sharp?

  4. Chris says:

    Does she get a special blog award?

  5. Tracy says:

    *snort* minionitis! lol Good one Wren.

    I have to contact yet another author? Ok, but only for you since you sent me a picture of yourself.

    Hey! Maybe I can do the Mind Meld on Laurenston!

  6. No my queen – we are not worthy for this mission…

    Please let the publisher do what they are paid for… Holding on to VITAL information…

    Show them whose boss my queen….

    Ingrid you rock girl… I remember seeing that cover years ago – but never connected the two..


  7. Tam says:

    Is that a man or a woman about to rip his heart from his chest. Ouch.

    Yay Ingrid. My hero.

  8. Wait a minute Shelly Laurenston has a new cover out? How in the hell did I miss this…

    Oh, right, back to minion – congraties Ingrid

  9. aw so cute your crush on page boy hair man.

  10. Kris says:

    Cecile: Up early this morning because someone, who shall rename nameless, kept distracting me from work yesterday so I need to finish it today.

    Prepare your tales of forthing and conquering for me for my return, Good Minion. I shall be need of a laugh then.

    Wren: The sharp nose made for the #1 identifier in the Kris 'n' Good Books stalkage match kit thingy.

  11. Kris says:

    Chris: She gets to bask in the knowledge that I am pleased with her. That is all she needs.

    Tracy: “I have to contact yet another author? Ok, but only for you since you sent me a picture of yourself.”

    *pats* Good minion! I think the Mind Meld is a good approach. Go for it!

  12. Kris says:

    EH: Technically this is like the sequel to the first mission therefore it must be completed cos if it turns out to be a series I'll be pissed. That would not be good for minions or for publishers.

    Tam: It's a chick and quite possibly. It's a shifter story after all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Kris says:

    KC: “Wait a minute Shelly Laurenston has a new cover out? How in the hell did I miss this…”

    Because your day glow orange wall has messed with you mind, Change it! Change it now! Before it's too late!

    Katiebabs chook: *blushes* I do believe I've mentioned a time or time my OCD. This might be an example of it in action. LOL.

  14. Ingrid says:

    *Jumps with joy* I am so happy! *Whipes tears from eyes* I want to thank my manager, my parents, Kris 'n Good Books for making this all possible, ms Laurenston, all my blog friends for their continuing support…

  15. Natasha says:

    Well done Ingrid ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for finding this bloke… oh hell NO!!!!!
    I'm still corresponding with kate Perry's publisher….. it's a long slow process because I don't speak american. So I am giving up my minionship rights and crawling back into the slime with the other plebs

  16. Tracy says:

    Whoever would distract you from work? And why would you talk about your computer back up like it was a person?

    Mind meld technique – got it.

  17. Kris says:

    Ingrid, you are very welcome. You did me and your fellow minions very proud.

    Tish: You disappoint me. I would have thought that you would use your experience to continue this very important cause.

    Tracy: If your mind meld technique was any good you would already know these things.

    PS – Computers are girls. How else do you explain the hissy fits and mood swings.

  18. Tracy says:

    Rhetorical baby, rhetorical. lol

  19. Kris says:

    Oh. You were implying something about the way my mind works, weren't you.

  20. K. Z. Snow says:

    After getting a better look at this dude, I think your time is being squandered. Seriously. Let Tam find you a more worthy object of obsession. Just check his ID first.

    (Isn't it Chris's job to keep a tally of models' appearances on covers? She's slacking.)

  21. orannia says:

    YAH Ingrid! You rock!

    minionitisness? LOL!

  22. Kris says:

    KZ: It's not my time being squandered. Also, it's a minion's duty to see out my wishes. Stop trying to subvert them.

    Orannia, please take note. Ingrid is someone from which you should take lessons. I'm expecting great things from you in the future.

  23. Dear Queen,
    I'll make it my day task to research this!
    Your servant, Janna

  24. Tam says:

    Hey. They're legal. I'm sure of it. Everyone's a bloody critic.

  25. Sarah says:

    You know, I'm pretty sure it's Tina Turners sax player. The hair is a dead give away.

  26. Kris says:

    Janna: Good girl. I look forward to receiving the results of your research. I'm counting on you.

    Tam: Hey! You didn't hear me complaining.

    Sarah: You know you made me google him, right. The guy looks like he oils wrestles for a living. Dear God.

  27. Sandy says:

    OK….I know this is a little late…but did ANYONE find out the name of the cover model for BEAST BEHAVING BADLY…

    I am an administrator for a couple of sites..and we interview the cover models….

    Any idea? We have been looking for this specimen for awhile….

  28. Kris says:

    Hi Sandy. Yep, we did find him… somewhere… LOL. I'll shoot Ingrid and Tish an email because I'm pretty sure it was one of them that did. I'll let you know how our we go. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Sandy says:

    Hey ladies …I found him….*giggling*

    What did you come up with…???

  30. Kris says:

    Really, Sandy?? 0.0 Really?!

    Tell me!

    *shirt fronts*

    TELL. ME.

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