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minion of the month award

Dear Minions I am very pleased to announce that the April winner of the coveted Minion of the Month Award is… Ingrid! Why? Some of you may recall this mission and the utter failure of the publisher to facilitate the … Continue reading

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were mates… or are we???

Hehehe. I crack me up. Apparently there are a number of us who admit to having an “OMG, they’re so freaking HOT” thing for mate/shifter stories. (Eg Lily, Orannia and Tracy.) Yeah, the trope is a (very) familiar one (ie … Continue reading

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need a laugh?

I’m feeling (only slightly) guilty for the unscheduled rant I inflicted on everyone yesterday so I thought I would attempt to make it up to you all. I also figure there are some of you out there who may be … Continue reading

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