“Our job is to show members those reviews, and not show reviews that we deem to not be appropriate or a high enough level of quality.”  (Source: GR Review Guidelines.)

Well, I’m totally fucked.

The end.


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10 Responses to goodbyereads

  1. VacuousMinx says:

    So much more succinct than my post. And so delicious.

    I am green with envy. 😉

  2. orannia says:

    To me the name GoodReads simply means finding out about good books that one can read. To do that you need all reviews to make a decision. The site is not called GoodReviews. And TBH (and probably very naively) I thought the site was for readers, not authors…

    • mearias says:

      orannia, I must be naive as well. I really did think it was a reader-driven site. Too bad… I’m seriously looking into LibraryThing for cataloging my books. There’s also; but it’s not as robust as it should be. I guess it needs more diverse users.

      • Kris says:

        I think many people are having second thoughts about GR not only because of this, but because of the increasing bad behaviour of both authors and readers. Who can blame them. Seriously, who really wants to participate in such a community which can be so contentious?

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