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end-of-year bandwagon wrap-up: 2012

Well, hello there. Yes, it’s me.  I’m still here. Sometimes. Maybe. Anyhoody, I’ve had some recent requests to access this site and, in a move completely disparate to my usual apathetic-can’t-be-bothered-with-this-stuff-anymore-and-who-cares-if-people-think-I-hate-them-cos-it’s-more-than-likely-true, decided I should reopen the place and grace you … Continue reading

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ratings & reviews: the scary monster hiding under the bed ready to eat you’s ugly stepsisters

I know I provided my unique and no doubt – this is me we’re talking about, after all –   offensive take on this topic the other day, but I felt the need to offer a few thoughts on the … Continue reading

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“Our job is to show members those reviews, and not show reviews that we deem to not be appropriate or a high enough level of quality.”  (Source: GR Review Guidelines.) Well, I’m totally fucked. The end.  

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forgiveness in ratings

In the last post about how much technical quality matters, a couple of people touched on the idea of ‘forgiveness’ in relation to reading and gave a few examples of the types of things they would be willing to set … Continue reading

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quality in ratings

In their comments to my post about the whole 5-star thing, Eva and Rhi Etzweiler talked about ratings being based on reading experience and went on to outline what they meant.This really interested me because I didn’t think I’d really differentiated between my … Continue reading

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ratings (again) & the 5 stars thing

When I did the series about ratings last year, the issue of those readers who tend to give everything 4-5 stars was raised and the majority of commenters agreed they either take no notice of these reviews or take them … Continue reading

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kris ‘n’ good books announcement

So, the exciting announcement I hinted at the other day??  Well, it’s happened!The fabulous moderators at the M/M Romance group at goodreads have agreed to give my ‘choose you own m/m story’ game a home.  How cool is that.  *GRIN*Obviously … Continue reading

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