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“Our job is to show members those reviews, and not show reviews that we deem to not be appropriate or a high enough level of quality.”  (Source: GR Review Guidelines.) Well, I’m totally fucked. The end.  

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dear author

‘Lo, there do I see my Father.‘Lo, there do I see my Mother, and my Sisters, and my Brothers.‘Lo, there do I see the line of my people; Back to the beginning!‘Lo, they do call to me;They bid me take my … Continue reading

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ratings (again) & the 5 stars thing

When I did the series about ratings last year, the issue of those readers who tend to give everything 4-5 stars was raised and the majority of commenters agreed they either take no notice of these reviews or take them … Continue reading

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well… what to do then?

Yes, indeed.I’m going to make the assumption that most of you who read my blog are also aware, to varying degrees, of what has happened in the last few days subsequent to my last post.  If not, and you are … Continue reading

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