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dear author

Dear Author, ‘Awe’ the word is not the same as ‘awww’ the sound. For all that is good and holy, please just stop. Love, me.

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“Our job is to show members those reviews, and not show reviews that we deem to not be appropriate or a high enough level of quality.”  (Source: GR Review Guidelines.) Well, I’m totally fucked. The end.  

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dear publisher

Dear Douche You know I bloody well hate it when you change the design of a book cover mid series, but to do it a third time?! What the fuck is the matter with you?!Does no one in there understand the … Continue reading

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dear publisher and/or author

Dear Publisher/s and/or Author/s Two thumbs up for recently producing and creating m/m romances set in the Land of Oz.  That’s pretty awesome. What’s not so great is the whole use of American idioms and language in what is meant … Continue reading

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