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firsts series: twincest

In my first fisting (and doesn’t that sound down right dirty 😉 ), I described how I only vaguely noticed the act because I was distracted by my WTF-fascination with the twincest in Chris Owen’s Gemini. If you hadn’t already … Continue reading

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firsts series: fisting

Why not go all out to begin with I say. 🙂 ‘My first fisting by Kris ‘n’ Good Books’ One day; a long, long time ago, Kris read a book. The book was about a boy who met a boy, … Continue reading

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is kris *gasp* a prude???

Can it really be true?? It is quite possible, virtual folk, because it seems I have again hit with extreme force one of the main issues in a story which causes me to stumble each. and. every. single. damn. time. … Continue reading

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