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Two of my bloggy friends are having birthdays this week and I felt the need to get all sappy and stuff. You’ve been warned. Most of you who have been hanging around here for a while know that I’ve been … Continue reading

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heroes that make you go ‘ungh’

“ungh!” You know how I’ve been bored, right. I think I may have mentioned it a few times. Anyways, yesterday, when Chris and Wren were encouraging my randomness, I came up with yet another awesome idea. Let’s hold a competition … Continue reading

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tam’s guest post: are we being misled?

So you’re in a bar looking to score. Mr. Right-Now looks like he’s packing, he’s cute, clean, funny, this is going to be good. You get to his place and the imagined 9 inches of porn star goodness turns out … Continue reading

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tam’s guest post: m/f romance writers anonymous

Are you becoming bored and frustrated trying to churn out yet another m/f romance novel? Have you run out of euphemisms for vagina? If you are looking to release yourself from the shackles of traditional het romance there is a … Continue reading

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the awesome tam

Some of you may vaguely recall – somewhere from the depths of your Xmas food and drink comas – K Z Snow’s shout out for help with a story she was co-writing with Castanet Feldman about the “romantic and sexual … Continue reading

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the great yaoi swap

Can those participating in The Greatest Yaoi Swap On The Face Of The Planet take a look at the list on the left hand side bar and make sure you’re up with Tam’s awesome organisational skills. Also, if you wanna … Continue reading

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the great yaoi swap: tam’s update (& kris’ too!)

Well, guys, I have no clue what happened to some of the other yaoi, but here’s some new stuff that’s floating around out there. If you want to be on the list to receive it (Kris ETA: Yep, this is … Continue reading

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tam’s guest post: happy holidays??

Yes, it’s a bit early and I’m not being politically correct about the “December holiday period”, I’m thinking about holidays in general, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving (since we just had Thanksgiving) and stories that are written with a holiday theme. … Continue reading

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tam’s guest post: familiarity breeds contempt?

We all have our favourite types of heroes, whether they be fire fighters, doctors, pirates, space aliens or college students. I’ve often wondered if people are attracted to characters in careers which are unfamiliar to us, thus “exotic”. If you … Continue reading

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tam’s guest post: dnf – why?

We all have books that were “DNF” because they are just awful, or the theme turns us off and we just can’t face it again. But what about a DNF because…. well, no real reason. If someone asked you’d say … Continue reading

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