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ebook freebie: i’ll be home by william cooper

Thanks heaps to William Cooper for offering one lucky sod the chance to win his upcoming m/m romance I’ll Be Home!  This is the sequel to Fireworks and is due to be released on 15 December by Dreamspinner Press. The blurb:Since … Continue reading

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souvenir giveaway – the winners

The winners of my getting rid of the shit I accumulated during my trip cos I don’t have the space for it US souvenir giveaway – as chosen by Feliks after he gave his brother a smack for interfering – … Continue reading

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loot giveaway

Or getting rid of shit I accumulated during my trip cos I don’t have the space for it Souvenirs… You wanted ’em. You got ’em. Oh. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. You got it. You want it, baby. You- umm… *ahem* How … Continue reading

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‘guess who’s who’: pre-competition competition

I’ve given you a kick arse competition. I’ve given you the best hints in the world. I’ve given you an extra 24 hours. And I’ve even threatened you. But still some of you trot out ridiculous excuses like you haven’t … Continue reading

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zowie, it’s yaoi! *hehehe*

I seem to be talking about yaoi a lot lately; both on and offline, so I thought it would be a great idea to give people a dedicated post for sharing their favourite books, authors and artists with other readers. … Continue reading

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the awesome tam

Some of you may vaguely recall – somewhere from the depths of your Xmas food and drink comas – K Z Snow’s shout out for help with a story she was co-writing with Castanet Feldman about the “romantic and sexual … Continue reading

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secret santa

stolen from here Over on Goodreads, the m/m reading group is doing a Secret Santa book exchange. Kassa and I love this idea so signed up there, but also figure there’s a bunch of others who might like to play … Continue reading

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