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maybe it’s me, but… (nsfspyingweyes)

I love my new photoshop software. *beams* … I’ve been wondering… do gay guys really carry around their test results with them for those just-in-case-they-hook-up moments? Not that I think there’s anything wrong with that because it’s the safe thing … Continue reading

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tam’s guest post: m/f romance writers anonymous

Are you becoming bored and frustrated trying to churn out yet another m/f romance novel? Have you run out of euphemisms for vagina? If you are looking to release yourself from the shackles of traditional het romance there is a … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

… I’m pretty sure – no, I’m certain – that I’ve discovered a new sub-genre. I was thinking about my discovery of yesterday and I suddenly remembered other books which had story arcs featuring main characters who made the ‘transition’ … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

I know that many of us, myself in particular included, tend to take the mickey out of m/f romance… well, let’s be honest, out of the romance genre as a whole… but I do find myself yearning for a sweet … Continue reading

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tasting ‘broken wing’

Orannia’s Broken Wing Challenge and Kris’ New Year’s Readolution 3 all tied up in to one neat package. Broken Wing by Judith James The Blurb: Abandoned as a child and raised in a brothel, Gabriel St. Croix has never known … Continue reading

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were mates… or are we???

Hehehe. I crack me up. Apparently there are a number of us who admit to having an “OMG, they’re so freaking HOT” thing for mate/shifter stories. (Eg Lily, Orannia and Tracy.) Yeah, the trope is a (very) familiar one (ie … Continue reading

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thoughts on ‘mélusine’

It’s that time of the month again. *snort* No, not that time. Instead it’s time for… Kris’ New Year’s Readolution 3! To try a different author and/or genre once a month.When you take into account the books I’ve reviewed for … Continue reading

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tasting ‘wages of sin’

It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t really talked about any of the books I’ve read which I either didn’t enjoy so much or were a DNF. To be frank, I’m just not interested in getting too … Continue reading

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tasting ‘gabriel’s ghost’

Another New Year’s Readolution 3; to try a different author and/or genre once a month, brought to you by Kris. Gabriel’s Ghost by Linnea Sinclair The Blurb:After a decade of cruising interstellar patrol ships, former Captain Chasidah Bergren, onetime Pride … Continue reading

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thoughts on ‘the steel remains’

The Steel Remains by Richard Morgan The Blurb (from Orion Books):Ringil, the hero of the bloody slaughter at Gallows Gap is a legend to all who don’t know him and a twisted degenerate to those that do. A veteran of … Continue reading

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