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You’ll never guess what I’m talking about for the next couple of days…It’s kinda like being a DIK…But not…

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I’ve been given a very temporary visa to DIK and am talking about bookstores being a cure for my OCD. Or at least part of it anyways…

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guesting again

I’m at DIK at the moment. Talking about one of my most favouritenot-est times of the year and other lovey dovey shit. Yay.

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Because my mind = sieve at the moment, I totally forgot to mention that I was at Patti’s yesterday as part of her m/m romance month. I’m such a doofus.  *head desk* Anyways, if you’re interested in finding out about … Continue reading

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jambrea’s story: your choices

I know some of you have been waiting for this so without further ado… The prompts for Jambrea Jo Jones’ m/m story! 1. the setting ~ an abandoned stone tower… or is it… 2. some background to one of the … Continue reading

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patrick says…

Neither can I apparently cos I’m still ranting about bookstores at DIK. Go visit or I might not let you know what the prompts are for Jambrea’s story tomorrow.

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ever wondered what i look like??

Okay. That may be a bit of a fib, but there is an AWESOME pic of me at DIK at the moment. You should check it out.

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random awesomeness

I have to get up at some ungodly hour this morning to travel to the country where I will, no doubt, charm everyone with my wit and intelligence before flying home in the evening. Great. *sigh* Later on today/tomorrow/whenever the … Continue reading

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i’m not here…

I’m over at DIK for the next 3 days. Please to be visiting me there and not making me look like a total one. Thank you. And when I return… yet another author will be biting my choose your own … Continue reading

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what’s a pen name got to do with it?

This is a cross post from Wave’s site. If you have an urge to comment, feel free to do so in either place. I read with great interest the post that Alexi Silversmith did the other day on the topic … Continue reading

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