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maybe it’s me, but…

… what do you guys and gals think about ‘the BIG misunderstanding’? I realise I bitch a lot like to post on different issues that have struck me about the books I’ve been reading. Despite this, and hard though it … Continue reading

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a tasting smorgasbord

This past weekend I made a major dent in the tbr pile (check out my recent reads on the left sidebar) and I thought I’d share some thoughts about a few of those that were my stand outs. Here they … Continue reading

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tasting my keepers: ‘the long way home’

The Long Way Home by Z A Maxfield The Blurb:When young boys go missing, psychic Kevin Quinn is called in to help the police department. Quinn’s partner is Connor Dougal, a newer detective on the force, and a skeptic when … Continue reading

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When is it okay to be 19?

##inspired by Lisabea – see previous post##So when is it okay for a young man – and, yes, I am talking about m/m fiction – to become involved in a serious relationship in a story? Is it okay when he … Continue reading

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