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firsts series: cross dressing

Cos John Barrowman is a whole heap of awesome. Cross dressing. Most people when they see this phrase automatically think of drag queens. As I’m not sure about the exact differences between the two – I’m assuming there are some … Continue reading

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firsts series: golden showers

Here’s where I admit that I don’t have a heck of a lot of experience with water sports or scat play in m/m fiction. Yep, practically a virgin here. 🙂 Besides hearing what others have said, the only time I’ve … Continue reading

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firsts series: pas

I’m a total wuss so while a part of my shivers in delight whilst reading sexy scenes involving protags with piercings, another part of me is cringing because, well… OUCH THAT WOULD SO FUCKING HURT!! That aside, my first Prince … Continue reading

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firsts series: twincest

In my first fisting (and doesn’t that sound down right dirty 😉 ), I described how I only vaguely noticed the act because I was distracted by my WTF-fascination with the twincest in Chris Owen’s Gemini. If you hadn’t already … Continue reading

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firsts series: fisting

Why not go all out to begin with I say. 🙂 ‘My first fisting by Kris ‘n’ Good Books’ One day; a long, long time ago, Kris read a book. The book was about a boy who met a boy, … Continue reading

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firsts series: rimming

image from Healthy Gay Scotland Still being as bored as bat shit, I decided to start a series about those firsts we often have whilst reading. This can be anything from the first genre, the first theme, the first scenario, … Continue reading

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