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Behold the end result after half a day, lots of swearing, cleaning, sore muscles and some pretty awesome bruises: Pretty, right. 🙂

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Some idiot decided that her lounge room needed repainting. Some idiot dismissed concerns about the difficulties of moving the SIX BOOKSHELVES FULL OF BOOKS! *ahem* Some idiot’s formal dining table a couple of hours later: Some idiot needs to add … Continue reading

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fif update

After killing breakfast three times this morning, it is my strong belief that those warnings on prescription packets which say ‘in the case of disorientation do not operate vehicles or heavy equipment’ should be amended to include ‘microwaves, grills and … Continue reading

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hard though it is to believe…

… there are a few – only a very few, mind you – things that I suck at. The list is as follows: 1. Being a girl 2. Not being a bitch. 3. Having OCD bookshelf, toy poodle flu, GAD … Continue reading

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how embarassment

Have you ever looked at those cluster map thingys that some blogs and websites have?? Check out this one at the Blind Eye Books website: That would be me in Perth. Could that friggin red dot get any bigger?? Bloody … Continue reading

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a story which only other bibliophiles will appreciate

It’s true I went a little crazy when all the ‘best ofs’ were being posted and ordered a LOT of books (this was done BEFORE my readolutions so I’m still on track!). Hey, I got $$ for Christmas so I … Continue reading

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the jury is in…

… and, yes, apparently I DO suck. The evidence: 1. Offending people by simply existing. Me, in my defense: Granted bitchiness is one of my dominant personality traits; however, I generally have to try (a little) to piss people off. … Continue reading

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