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maybe it’s me (again), but…

Blurb~ A cat’s life isn’t always leisurely…especially if you’re a talking one. “Gunner” Dahlquist makes a living piloting his freelanced ship, The Rockside Hopper. A cynical, but optimistic veteran of Beast War III, Gunner brought one good thing away from … Continue reading

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random weirdness

You know your life is weird when your shopping list for the day consists solely of an IUD and cat food.

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maybe it’s me, but…

Blurb~ Killer cows! They’re big! They’re angry! They smell bad! They’re coming! The only thing standing in their way is a lonely 14-year-old, whether he’s ready or not… Randy Meyer is the new kid in Satus Creek, a tiny farm … Continue reading

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insomnia makes everything weird: take two

Remember how I said that everything goes topsy turvy like in the House of Kris when insomnia reigns?? Well, the other day I watched this on telly: And the Daddy was actually there: ETA: This isn’t actually my dad, you … Continue reading

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insomnia makes everything weird

Insomnia reigns in the House of Kris. It also makes things topsy turvy-like. At about 4am yesterday morning I was watching this: And at about 4am yesterday morning my baby brother was watching this: Yeah. You have to admit that’s … Continue reading

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is kris *gasp* a prude: take two

Some of you make recall my previous admission to prudery and whilst browsing the virtual shelves I recently discovered – or perhaps became aware of – another, which, if you hadn’t already guessed from the image, has to do with … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

As I was scrolling through the virtual shelves the other day in an effort to spend some of my b’day e$, a couple of things struck me about my book buying habits. First, and this will be no surprise given … Continue reading

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