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they say…

… owners and pets often resemble each other. I’m not sure I get what they mean.

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maybe it’s me, but…

… I’ve been catching up on some m/m reading in amongst all the YA *interesting mix I know* and have noticed a whole heap of ‘babes’ and ‘babys’ littered with gay (I crack me up!) abandon in the dialogue of … Continue reading

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ode to mannus tittyus – the finals

Since I’m taking a break from any kind of decision making — as well as spending my entire Monday morning reading Matthew Haldeman-Time free shorts *Thank you sooo much for giving me that link and stopping me from doing any … Continue reading

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new product just in!

New product available in the popular Kris ‘n’ Good Books’ merchandise line! Front / Back These are bound to fly out the door so get yours today!

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in which kris shows restraint

I needed some retail therapy yesterday after a frustrating morning of dealing with work CRAP!!! ::Ahem:: As I wanted some bits and pieces, I decided to make the looong run to Ikea. Did I look at bookcases?? No. Did I … Continue reading

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review, reviews and more reviews

In between feeling a teeny bit angsty about my new avatar, retail therapy and reading yesterday, I, in a fit of craziness energy, posted all of the reviews I’ve done for Wave at my Live Journal site so they would … Continue reading

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new product available for the mummas

In the interests of making sure my merchandise is as inclusive as possible*, I have developed a new product just for mothers: The Poster *This has nothing to do with taking advantage of an untapped customer group.

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books vs film

vs This post was inspired by my baby brother, who is becoming obsessed with watching the series True Blood on pay tv. I admit I find it a tad disturbing considering I’m a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series by … Continue reading

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how embarassment

Have you ever looked at those cluster map thingys that some blogs and websites have?? Check out this one at the Blind Eye Books website: That would be me in Perth. Could that friggin red dot get any bigger?? Bloody … Continue reading

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dear publisher

Dear Publisher, I realise I may have had a few digs at made some comments to you in the past about the (very) occasional odd book cover, crappy unusual website construction and over the priceds of books, and then of … Continue reading

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