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things that make you go O_o

Since when has this ‘author’s cut’ thing been happening or have I just not noticed?Anyone have any idea how it works?  Or is it basically the same deal as a Director’s Cut, but with more pasting than cutting?  Especially of … Continue reading

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dear publisher and/or author

Dear Publisher/s and/or Author/s Two thumbs up for recently producing and creating m/m romances set in the Land of Oz.  That’s pretty awesome. What’s not so great is the whole use of American idioms and language in what is meant … Continue reading

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dear publisher

Dear Publisher I believe our relationship has always been a mutually beneficial one in which you provide the books and I read them. However, and I mean this with the utmost respect, you have recently become a severe disappointment to … Continue reading

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dear publisher

Dear Fucktard Publisher You suck big fat hairy donkey ballz. Why? Allow me to demonstrate… Aussie book cover previous release: Aussie book cover latest release: You fucking changed the book covers! There is a special place in Hell for publishers … Continue reading

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dear publisher

Dear Publisher, I realise I may have had a few digs at made some comments to you in the past about the (very) occasional odd book cover, crappy unusual website construction and over the priceds of books, and then of … Continue reading

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