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my book boyfriend

I got tagged by Ms Moonlight and Janna to do The Gutter Girls’ ‘Build Your Own Book Boyfriend’ meme: We all have our favourite book boyfriends and now you have the chance to create one just for yourself and your … Continue reading

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the m/m meme & me

How the frack was I meant to know that you had to answer the bloody questions yourself first?! I don’t think that’s particularly fair when the whole point of doing this is to annoy the shit out of other people. … Continue reading

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m/m meme

I was bored shitless the other day and trying to work out what I could do when it suddenly hit me… I could try my hand at this meme thing and see how many people I can suck into my … Continue reading

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fuck it fridays & a meme

So Lily tagged me with this meme thing. *mutter, mutter* It’s “What’s On Your Desk Wednesday” hosted by Sassy Brit of Yeah, it’s not Wednesday, but, well, I remembered about it yesterday so you’re friggin’ getting it now, okay! … Continue reading

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