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maybe it’s me, but…

Truth. Even more so now I’ve had to do a couple of too-big-for-me culls.Now ask me about any regrets I might have…Yeah, I didn’t think there was any point bothering either.

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things that make you go O.o

Yeah, I know I was going to do a follow-up post (or three) about ratings, but I was cruising the review sites and got sidetracked because… well…Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a lot of leather and/or … Continue reading

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random awesomeness

Why not start 2012 as I mean to go on – like I’ve really changed that much – with some book-related snark. You’re welcome.

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end-of-year bandwagon wrap-ups #5

Swag.  The idea of getting goodies from your fave authors brings out the squee in the majority of readers.Anyone who says otherwise is lying.  Just sayin’.However, after that initial burst of giddiness, a number of us realise we are stuck … Continue reading

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end-of-year bandwagon wrap-ups #4

Yeah, I’m bouncing around all over the place with this end-of-year wrap-up crap, but welcome to my brain… which appears to be even more random than usual.Who knew that was possible.  It’s mind boggling.Literally.But onward to the wrap-up!Let’s go beyond … Continue reading

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owning words again

Earlier in the year, I wrote a post about owning words.  I’ve since come to terms with the fact I’m in no way as confident as I was then.As some of you already know, this year has been particularly tough … Continue reading

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random awesomeness

True that.  ;P

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maybe it’s me, but…

I like Twitter, Tumblr, goodreads, etc so much better now I’ve turned off all the notifications.I call it Antisocial Bitch Networking.It works for me.Surprisingly.

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random awesomeness

Fucking oath, I do.

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@krisnotes #1

A hint and a perve. Welcome to @krisnotes #1.   “Apparently an epic battle between good & evil, but it’s really all about who you smell with & *hopefully* gay sex. The end. Verily.” We’d thank you for subscribing to … Continue reading

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