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dear author: ‘research’ is not a dirty word

I recently wrote a post about the wonders of researching and of the miraculous invention known as g00gle. I was reminded of this when wondering why something in the book I’d just read didn’t gel for me. Don’t get me … Continue reading

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thoughts on ‘falls chance ranch’ series

Falls Chance Ranch series by Rolf & Ranger Are you worried about your executive?  Is he burned out?  Frazzled?  Less than stellar?  Is he an excellent employee that you don’t want to lose?  If the answer to those questions is … Continue reading

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end-of-year bandwagon wrap-up: 2012

Well, hello there. Yes, it’s me.  I’m still here. Sometimes. Maybe. Anyhoody, I’ve had some recent requests to access this site and, in a move completely disparate to my usual apathetic-can’t-be-bothered-with-this-stuff-anymore-and-who-cares-if-people-think-I-hate-them-cos-it’s-more-than-likely-true, decided I should reopen the place and grace you … Continue reading

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my thoughts

My mind is churning with thoughts about the latest controversy to hit the m/m community, and there are a few posts demanding to be written.But I can’t right now.  Not won’t, can’t.On the morning of Tuesday 27 March 2012, my … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

Truth. Even more so now I’ve had to do a couple of too-big-for-me culls.Now ask me about any regrets I might have…Yeah, I didn’t think there was any point bothering either.

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ratings vs encounters with my baby brother: 16

My Baby Brother turned up at my doorstep at 6am yesterday and, besides hearing me grumble about mornings and coffees and the natural order of things, had to put up with my back to him as I checked comments, emails, … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

I’ve always been a reader who has moments when they fantasise about Teh Big Bookity Dream To End All Dreams.For me, there are two:To have the kind of personal library that would be the envy of all my reading friends … Continue reading

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things that make you go O.o

I don’t even have the words to express how wrong I think this is.I’m going to have nightmares tonight.I know it. 

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bookity mehs: part 3

I have Teh Awesomesauce.Last night I read.READ! *mutterfuckingfinallymutter*

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bookity mehs: part 2

As part of this online community, you’ve probably seen a gazillion posts asking you what you do when you’re in the reading doldrums.   In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve done one myself, which I would totally revisit if I … Continue reading

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