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my 2011 readolutions

I had every intention of coming up with something appropriate in terms of aims for the Kris ‘n’ Good Books blog this year, but then I decided that really sounded like too much work, half-arsed though they would inevitably be, … Continue reading

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my 2010 readolutions: an analysis

I think I was meant to do this before the end of last year, but, well, I couldn’t be fucked doing it then so you’re getting it now.How I did with my 10 bloggy type aims for 2010? Aim #1 … Continue reading

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my 2010 readolutions: updated

Umm, no, actually, I don’t have any readolutions for 2010. Why? A) setting myself up for further failure just seems so masochistic, b) the few issues I have are minuscule in the face of my overall awesomeness and c) perfection … Continue reading

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my 2009 readolutions: an analysis

These were my 2009 readolutions. The analysis: I aced ‘try different authors and genres’ and I also developed my own slack-arse version of reviewing. The conclusion: Apparently, I am an unrepentant book slut *quelle shock* who will occasionally do the … Continue reading

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Like many other worker bees around the world, today is the day I need to get serious and knuckle back down to the evil job. Dammit. The ONLY thing I have to look forward to during these dark days of … Continue reading

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my 2009 readolutions

I, quite frankly, suck at fulfilling New Year’s resolutions. In my defence, getting healthy, losing weight, being nice to people, etc are, let’s face it, pretty friggin boring and the reasons why it’s impossible to carry them out (ie I’m … Continue reading

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