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kris, slayer extraordinaire

Forgetting the fact that I am expecting two more books from a previous order at The Book Depository, that I just ordered 7 yaoi manga during their sale, that while I was at the Mumma’s yesterday I snitched a YA … Continue reading

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Riddle me this, virtual folk. Say someone had this many books in their tbr pile + 8 books to review for another blog+ looming deadlines associated with the evil day job + lack of motivation due to sheer boredom and … Continue reading

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for ana & thea: the loot

Unlike other enablers, who may be unconscious or at the very least less overt about facilitating certain behaviour in other people, Ana and Thea – The Book Smugglers – are unremorseful in their glee over discovering the outcomes of their … Continue reading

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my book challenge or how the hell fast do i really read

The Premise: In the spirit of her 2009 Readolution 2, Kris decided to finish the 16 books she had before buying any more new releases or opening the packages of eagerly awaiteds that had arrived in the mail. “Help us, … Continue reading

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more on our story…

Yesterday, this blog broke the news of Kris the Book Goddess’ collapse.Close sources reveal that it was not in fact sudden, but the result of a week long illness diagnosed as Biblio Ennui, more commonly known as ‘the reading challenge’.The … Continue reading

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in breaking news…

Late this afternoon, Kris the Book Goddess, known to many as Speedy Krizales, collapsed suddenly.This blog has not been able to confirm details of the mystery illness, although her partially invisible associates agree that recent incidents of stupidity and randomness … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but…

The project from hell is seriously kicking my butt this week, which has meant less time for me to write for the blog (although this hasn’t stopped me from posting comments elsewhere, has it? hee, hee). I am also focused … Continue reading

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Like many other worker bees around the world, today is the day I need to get serious and knuckle back down to the evil job. Dammit. The ONLY thing I have to look forward to during these dark days of … Continue reading

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A Veritable Plethora of Books*

At the moment I seem to have a stack of books waiting to be read, which is unusual for me to say the least. Generally, it is the other way round and ends up with me on the internet madly … Continue reading

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