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things that make you go O_o

So. I read it. Err. Can’t say I’m totally convinced about the getting off on darky, musky, earthy, strappy things. What I do think came across very well in the story was the fact that it was a fetish and, … Continue reading

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firsts series: fetishes (part 2)

*pats bubble butt* Is there any point in giving three guesses as to who is going to eww on this firsts topic, which is, if you hadn’t already guessed, about jock huffing? For those of you who’ve no idea what … Continue reading

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firsts series: foreskins

What to do when a request comes in from a fellow perve about a firsts topic? Why include it, of course! Especially when it’s one that’s so deliciously nasty. *hehehe* “What?!” I hear you all ask in anticipation. “Kris, what … Continue reading

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