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dear author

Dearest Author It may have escaped your attention somehow, but the year is officially 2010. WOULD YOU STOP FUCKING USING ‘TURN OF THE CENTURY’ TO DESCRIBE HISTORIC EVENTS AND OBJECTS! OR HASN’T IT OCCURRED TO YOU THAT THIS WOULD ONLY … Continue reading

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dear publisher

Dear God, would you get with the times already!? Print Publisher I’ve given it some thought and I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be in my best interests if you would implement an epublishing program at your company. … Continue reading

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f@ck it friday…

… but on a Thursday. Yeah, well, I haven’t done one of these in a while, that’s why. So be warned. You’re about to get hit with a biggie. Begin rant. Fact 1. The m/m romance community is a small … Continue reading

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dear publisher

Dear Fucktard Publisher You suck big fat hairy donkey ballz. Why? Allow me to demonstrate… Aussie book cover previous release: Aussie book cover latest release: You fucking changed the book covers! There is a special place in Hell for publishers … Continue reading

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ps: everyone agrees

As chance would have it, at the same time I was talking very sensibly on the matter of an alpha wanker, the creator of said selfish prick (fyi that would be Josh Lanyon) made mention of an upcoming interview with … Continue reading

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everyone agrees…

Yanno, just because you tend to lurk more than you comment some people seem to be under the impression that if they speak in code (ie ‘he who must not be named’) you won’t be able to understand them. Let … Continue reading

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maybe it’s me, but… (updated)

I can count on one hand the number of ‘the classic’ authors I’ve actually read and, more importantly, enjoyed. Of those, my by-far favourite is Jane Austen. *I luff her.* But this Austenmania thing that’s currently going on in the … Continue reading

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fuck it fridays

Forget the fact that some people should never, ever be allowed to write emails because their brain fails to engage their ‘I’m being a rude, arrogant, insulting fucktard-o-meter’ before they hit send. Forget the fact that I have to go … Continue reading

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things that make you go o_O

I had an interesting (all be it brief) discussion with Aliens at the end of my ‘a serious question for you’ post the other day about barebacking. At the time, I mentioned I’d noticed a sudden surge in the contemporary … Continue reading

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just wondering…

… about a couple of things. 1. Do you think parents realise that when they name their child Anonymous that kid is more likely to turn into a complete fucktard? 2. Can someone tell me what the hell is going … Continue reading

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